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Saffron Takes Over Maintaining KogeFarm

KogeFarm joins the Saffron Ecosystem.

Fourteen months ago was founded with a mission to bring ultra low cost and non-custodial yield optimization services to the crypto community at large, and today we’re excited to announce that Saffron will be integral in bringing KogeFarm’s vision to fruition.

During our correspondence with the KogeFarm team over this past year, it became clear that additional resources were needed for Koge to reach its full potential, and Saffron is eager to facilitate this. KogeFarm has a phenomenal mission and a large community of DeFi native users and we are excited to welcome them into the Saffron network.

That’s why we are excited to announce that Saffron has taken over as the new maintainer of KogeFarm. The original team has agreed to serve as consultants if needed but going forward Saffron will assume full responsibility for developing and for maintaining the web3 app and social media accounts. will provide the Saffron ecosystem with:

  • An auto-compounding yield optimization protocol
  • Expansive DeFi yield sources on alternative L1 chains

The Saffron team has committed to having the KogeFarm ecosystem continue its decision-making through , with token vesting and KogeFarm token distribution unchanged.

We look forward to feedback and support from the KogeFarm community during this transition into the next chapter of Koge.

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Saffron is a peer to peer risk exchange and decentralized risk arbitrage marketplace.

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