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Saffron Weekly (03/16/22)

What’s new in the week of 3/16/22–3/22/22.

Deployment of V2 on the KuCoin Community Chain is nearing completion as the team prepares to gear up for an exciting Q2. In addition, we’ve got a few new announcements of Saffron Academy, our upcoming website, a new governance vote, and the return of our podcast. Let’s dive in!

Saffron Academy Podcast Returns!

We’re dusting off an old user favorite of ours and kicking off the first 2022 episode of the Saffron Academy Podcast with none other than a representative from the Chamber of Digital Commerce. In this upcoming episode, we’ll be discussing the current political climate with crypto regulations from someone on the ground in Washington DC, the necessity of a trade association like this, the massive untapped hidden innovative potential of blockchain and Web3, and more! If you have a question that you’d like to ask the Chamber, feel free to drop me a line at my email or message me on our Telegram. Submissions for questions will be open for another few weeks so make sure to get them in! I’ll do my best to integration as many of them as I can in the upcoming interview! Be sure to keep an eye out for the Saffron Academy Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and other podcast providers.

New Website Incoming

We’re putting the final touches on our complete overhaul of the Saffron Finance website, including a separate Academy component where users can easily switch between using our app and our education platform. This new website will include brand new integrations that favors the bold DeFi user, will be able to be interconnected with a deluge of other crypto applications over time, and have more information-rich features that power users will get value out of. This is slated to launch around the same time as Saffron V2 is deployed on KCC, which barring any unforeseen circumstances will be around at the end of this month/early April.

Saffron Town Hall

The Town Hall is going to be held shortly after our website has launched. We’ll have more information to share soon.

New Governance Consensus Check

Last week we outlined our newest Temperature Check on our governance forms involving an experimental pool on Harmony that we talked about in February. As I outlined then, on March 4th it was brought to our attention in the Saffron V2 beta telegram that a recent setting change of the HolyGrail master chef contract prevented Saffron users from depositing or withdrawing — effectively locking Saffron users that joined the experimental pool out from accessing their funds. Normally most users that found themselves in this scenario would unfortunately be out of luck when it comes to rescuing their funds or getting compensated. However, thanks to Saffron Finance’s insurance tranching mechanism, we will be able to demonstrate the necessity of a protocol like ours (especially when dealing with more customized pools) by having Saffron use the sweep_erc function to recover USDC from the insurance fund.

The community has voted overwhelmingly in favor of pursuing this avenue and making the users impacted whole, and the proposal now moves to the Consensus Check section — you can view the proposal here. Everyone is encouraged to vote using their $SFI on our snapshot page (linked in the proposal) — we’re all excited to see the results of this!

That’s all for this week, be sure to keep an eye on our Twitter, participate in our latest governance vote, and submit your questions to the Chamber for our upcoming episode!

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