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Saffron Weekly (04/06/22)

What’s new in the week of 4/06/22–4/12/22.

With Bitcoin Miami 2022 kicking off a few months earlier this year (here’s hoping it’s a little less hot this time!), it’s a great time to be involved in the industry. Let’s dive into what’s happening with Saffron this week:

Saffron V2 Website is Live!

It’s live! We’re excited to see users dive into the new website and see what they think (more on that below). But that’s not quite all — we’ve submitted the Saffron V2 whitepaper out for review now, so users will be able to dig into it in all of its glory in the coming months. As someone who has taken a look at it, it is hefty and will be a great way to prove our tranching pools mathematically, attract dev focus, and give us an established position and legitimize us further as a DeFi protocol. In addition, we’re working on the Academy portion launching soon as well. Users can look forward to seeing the website evolve over the next few months.

Town Hall Transcript

The March Town Hall transcript is up and available for review here. If you happened to miss it last week, there’s a bit of alpha to be found on what we’re driving at for the rest of 2022. And speaking of 2022:

Q1 2022 Feedback Survey

Our first feedback survey of 2022 is live now, and you can find it here. We want to hear from the community on what they think of the new website, what chains they believe would benefit Saffron the most, and more! There’s a few new questions added this year, so we’re excited to see the results of them.

Twitter Recap

Let’s see what the buzz is about Saffron this week:

That’s all for this week, see you guys next time!

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Saffron is a peer to peer risk exchange and decentralized risk arbitrage marketplace.

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