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Saffron Weekly (04/13/22)

What’s new in the week of 4/13/22–4/19/22.

With the team returning from Bitcoin Miami and the market predictably volatile, let’s dive into what’s happening with Saffron this week:

Saffron Academy launches tomorrow!

We’re excited to announce that tomorrow we’ll be launching our newest iteration of Saffron Academy. Users will be able to look at tutorials, YouTube videos, podcasts, and more on an easy-to-navigate website. This is only the beginning of functionality for the website — as we’ll be building and iterating upon this design in the months to come — and we can’t wait for users to dive into it tomorrow. Be sure to check back on Twitter to see when the website launches proper!

Bitcoin Miami 2022 NFT

Tomorrow is the last day that users can claim their free Saffron Finance Bitcoin Miami 2022 NFT. If you still haven’t signed up yet there’s a few spots left open so make sure to claim yours before April 15th! You can find out more information here.

Q1 2022 Feedback Survey

Our first feedback survey of 2022 is live now, and you can find it here. We want to hear from the community on what they think of the new website, what chains they believe would benefit Saffron the most, and more! There’s a few new questions added this year, so we’re excited to see the results of them.

Saffron April Town Hall

With the launch of the academy website, we’ll be holding a second town hall at the end of this month on Telegram. There, we’ll have members of the Saffron Finance team answer questions surrounding V2, Academy, the future of Saffron, and more. If you happen to miss the event we’ll have a transcript of the Town Hall published afterwards. We’re still finalizing the date and time so be sure to check back next week for information on how to attend!

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