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Saffron Weekly (05/05/22)

What’s new in the week of 5/05/22–5/11/22.

Tears were shed today as the entire market nosedived in a dip that rang to the tune of more than $100 billion dollars and Gary Gensler attempts to double the SEC’s crypto enforcement unit, bringing the total to 50 people. It’s been an interesting week for our industry, but we’ve got some exciting news to share about new bridges, partnerships, and farms for our Saffron community — let’s get to it:

Saffron Finance Partners With Pangolin

Saffron faithfuls might remember our podcast episode with Justin and Leo, the CEO and COO of Pangolin respectively, last year — where I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking about all things Pangolin with them. For the uninitiated, Pangolin is the premiere decentralized exchange on the Avalanche network and it’s been fantastic watching their momentum over the past two years. It was an amazing experience to get to talk to these guys and I highly recommend the episode if you haven’t checked it out already. Fast forward six months later and we’re proud to announce that Saffron Finance has now officially partnered with Pangolin.

In celebration, today (as in, less than two hours ago) we’ve launched our PNG/SFI Super Farm — with massively increased reward APR paying out in both PNG and SFI. We’re incredibly excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to see our community’s reaction to this news.

Saffron Finance Partners with KuSwap Finance

Saffron Finance is pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with KuSwap on KCC. KuSwap is the #1 Automated Market Maker protocol built on top of the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC), debuting on its own Launchpad in June 2021. In addition, it’s also the first KuCoin Community Chain crowdfunding project — with an ecosystem boasting its own launchpad, lending platform, decentralized NFT Marketplace, and more! You can join the KUS (KuSwap’s native token) and SFI pair on the KuSwap Farms V2 page and you can read more about this budding partnership here.

KCC Unicorn Contest Continues!

Beginning tomorrow the next phase of the KCC Unicorn Contest continues — all users have to do is join the senior tranche on the KCC version of our website and follow KuCoin Community Chain’s official Twitter account to be eligible. The event will only last until May 11th and KCC will announce the lucky winners on the 17th before distributing their native token, KCS, to the winners. Be sure to take part this Friday and don’t forget!

Saffron Finance x Elk Finance Twitter Spaces

Speaking of events happening tomorrow, we’ll be participating a Twitter Spaces hosted by Elk Finance that’s happening at 17:00 UTC! One of the biggest hurdles with exchanging tokens and bridging assets across multiple chains is the cost and the complexity, and Elk Finance aims to solve this by essentially becoming the Forex market for the decentralized economy.

In addition, just one week later we’ll have a dual farm with ELK/SFI on the Avalanche ElkDEX. Elk Finance is doing some groundbreaking work and I would highly recommend keeping a close eye on them in the future! We’ll see you guys tomorrow!

$SFI has now becomes a Synapse asset!

In more bridging news, you can now bridge SFI from Ethereum to Avalanche (and vice versa) easily using Synapse Protocol. The Synapse Protocol allows you to transfer and swap assets across Ethereum, Layer 2 chains, BSC, Avalanche and more. Want to quickly join the PNG/SFI super farm I mentioned at the beginning of the article and take advantage of that insane APR? Head on over to Synapse and seamlessly transfer your SFI to Avalanche and join!

Bitcoin Miami 2022 NFT distribution

We’re going to begin distributing the Bitcoin Miami 2022 NFT over the next week, thank you to everyone who signed up! I didn’t personally manage to attend this year but I’m sure those that did had a blast. You can find out more information here about the NFT and the rules that users had to qualify for. We’ll announce formally when distribution is complete.

Saffron May Town Hall

We’ve had to reschedule the original end-of-April town hall and have decided to host it at the end of May. We’ve announced a lot today and there’s much more on the way, so I’m sure there will be plenty of questions to be had on Telegram. There, we’ll have members of the Saffron Finance team answer questions surrounding V2, our partnerships, new bridges, the future of Saffron, and more. If you happen to miss the event we’ll have a transcript of the Town Hall published afterwards. Keep your eyes peeled for more info!

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