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Saffron Weekly (05/18/22)

What’s new in the week of 5/18/22–5/25/22.

While the near future may be uncertain for the prices of crypto assets, long term remains incredibly bullish — especially for DeFi — as S&P Global’s (SPGI) ratings division has created a decentralized finance strategy group to build a market framework for investors and Coinbase makes a new push to implement DeFi and other web3 dapps on the Coinbase app. The framework is quietly being built and we’re all waiting with bated breath to see how DeFi evolves over this decade.

Saffron Finance x Trust Wallet integration

Today we’re pleased to announce that Saffron Finance now works with the latest version of Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet users can now seamlessly utilize all of the functions that Saffron Finance offers on desktop — and as someone who uses Trust Wallet regularly I couldn’t be happier with this! You can get the latest version of Trust Wallet here.

Saffron Finance x Elk Finance Dual Farm

The SFI/ELK dual farm is live on Avalanche ElkDEX, and yes your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you with those rates. Be sure to visit Elk Finance for more information to take advantage of this farm. As always, we’re incredibly excited to be partnering with Elk Finance and we can’t wait to see how this partnership develops in the future.

Saffron Finance x Pangolin Super Farm

As we’ve been highlighting the past few weeks — our partnership with the Avalanche-based DEX Pangolin has allowed us to launch a Super Farm! As you can see by the screenshot above there is a lot of incredible opportunity here for those who are invested in both of our ecosystems, so I encourage you all to check it out and take advantage of the ludicrously high APR — but act fast, this Super Farm won’t be around forever! Head on over to Pangolin and search for our ticker ($SFI) to join the Super Farm today!

Saffron May Town Hall

The May Town Hall now has a definitive date: May 29th @ 12pm EST on our Telegram. Make sure to mark your calendars and think about what questions you’d like to ask the team! We’ll have members of the Saffron Finance team answer questions surrounding V2, our partnerships, new bridges, the future of Saffron, and more. If you happen to miss the event we’ll have a transcript of the Town Hall published afterwards. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Bitcoin Miami 2022 NFT Distributed!

Earlier this week the Bitcoin Miami 2022 NFT was successfully distributed! You can check out the NFT here on OpenSea! Congratulations to all those who received the NFT by signing up during the promotional period, and keep your eyes peeled for more opportunities to win free NFTs in the future!

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