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Saffron Weekly (06/09/22)

What’s new in the week of 6/09/22–6/15/22.

Ether completes a “dress rehearsal” for #TheMerge, Psykeeper makes guest appearances on several cryptocurrency podcasts, and Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF continues to progress as we kick off the summer. Let’s dive into it:

Understanding DeFi — dApps and DAOs

Our newest team member Plum formally introduced himself yesterday and began his new series Understanding DeFi. As we welcome him into the Saffron family, make sure to say hi on Telegram and check out his article above! Plum will be taking a deeper dive into DeFi, how it’s shaking up the financial ecosystem, and showcasing notable projects in the sector. This series isn’t just limited to Saffron but rather the industry as a whole, so he’ll be able to cover a wide spectrum of topics. We hope you guys enjoy the series and please don’t hesitate to reach out to Plum with any questions or topics you want to read about — you can contact him here.

Saffron Finance Interview on

Psykeeper was featured in an interview with last week, available to watch it at the link above. There’s a lot of great information to be gleamed from the discussion but odds are if you’re already on board the Saffron train you’re likely well aware of the importance of a protocol like ours. But even Saffron veterans will be able to get something out of this as there are a few hints of things to come (!). It’s a great listen and we highly recommend users who are still on the fence about DeFi insurance and risk adjustment in crypto to give a listen.

Psykeeper Appears on Smart Economy Podcast

In addition to the interview, Psykeeper makes an appearance on the latest episode of the Smart Economy Podcast in Part 3 of their DeFi series. This episode is phenomenal and delves into Psykeeper’s journey into decentralized finance, the benefits (and downsides) of being anonymous, building in bear markets, and more!

Saffron Academy: Bridging $SFI to Avalanche

We have a new Saffron Academy tutorial video for you all. As we continue to expand across different networks, it also highlights the importance of being able to teach our users how to easily transfer digital assets cross-chain. In this short video, Zack educates us on how to bridge our $SFI tokens to the Avalanche network using Check it out now!

Stay tune for more videos coming soon!

Developer Update

Turpintinz gives us a brief update on what he’s currently working on. For those more technologically inclined you can see some of the nitty-gritty challenges one of our main developer is conquering as we keep moving ahead with our Saffron-Badger integration. Tune back in next week for an update on his progress!

Twitter Recap

Let’s see what the buzz is about Saffron this week:

I recommend checking out the podcasts linked above if you got the time, you might find some interesting tidbits in there!

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