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Saffron Weekly (06/16/22)

What’s new in the week of 6/16/22–6/22/22.

Bitcoin plays around with 20k, the market reacts to the Fed‘s 75 basis point rate hike, and Celsius Network freezes withdrawals — it’s suffice to say it’s been a pretty hectic week for our industry. While many companies are freezing hiring/rescinding job offers in the crypto space both Kraken and Saffron are expanding and bringing on board new talent.

Understanding DeFi — Tranches & Decentralized Finance

Speaking of bringing on board new talent, our newest hire Plum is finishing up his second post in his new series Understanding DeFi for our Saffron Academy educational platform. Be sure to keep an eye out for this article in the near future, as Plum takes a deeper dive into tranche meaning and their use case in DeFi.

Developer Update

Turpintinz gives us a brief update on what he’s currently working on.

Hello all, I continue with the Saffron-Badger integration. I’m currently testing the insurance fund. Its behavior will be just like the KCC implementation. I haven’t run into any real challenges with the testing, so I’m highly confident it will be completed this week. There is a small chance of it going into next week because I’ll be traveling late this week. After I complete testing the insurance fund, I’ll move onto addressing some notes I made along the way like that gas inefficiency described above.

I’m working on an adapter for Badger DAO pools where Saffron users can deposit WBTC with insurance through the same tranche mechanism used by the KCC pool. I know that other developers are working on Uni V3 implementations.

Saffron V2 Whitepaper

In addition, the whitepaper for Saffron V2 will be releasing soon — we’ll be sure to update everyone when it’s formally out. It’s an incredibly comprehensive document and I think a lot of users will be extremely satisfied with it — our research team has certainly worked hard on it!

Saffron Academy: Bridging $SFI to Avalanche

We have a new Saffron Academy tutorial video for you all. As we continue to expand across different networks, it also highlights the importance of being able to teach our users how to easily transfer digital assets cross-chain. In this short video, Zack educates us on how to bridge our $SFI tokens to the Avalanche network using Check it out now!

That’s all for this week — stay safe out there and best of luck to everyone navigating this bear market!

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