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Saffron Weekly (1/05/22)

What’s new in the week of 1/05/22–1/11/22.

It’s a new year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and rang in 2022 with some much needed fervor. This year is shaping up to be a pivotal one for cryptocurrency and we’ve got a few announcements to make this month.

2022 Roadmap Update

I mentioned last week that we’ll be launching a roadmap in early Q1 of 2022 for what the Saffron community can expect from our protocol going into next year, and this week I’m pleased to announce that we’ll be able to share the roadmap by the end of this month. There’s a lot of exciting announcements on the horizon, and here’s a bit of a sneak peek into what we have planned for 2022:

Introducing Saffron Gives

One of the newest initiatives that we’re rolling out in 2022 is Saffron Gives, and I’m proud to be able to share some details today with you and workshop it with the community:

Starting later this month, we’ll be proposing an governance initiative to take a percentage of the yield from our tranches and store them in a unique wallet. The initial idea is that every six months the wallet will be emptied and the proceeds will go to a good cause (be it a charity, a non-profit, etc) selected by the Saffron community. Want to weigh in and help us develop this initiative? You can join the discussion now by heading to our governance forum.

Saffron x Neoverse Blindbox Giveaway

Saffron Finance joins the Neoverse NFT Blindbox giveaway, you’ll be able to participate by joining the beta and interacting with our app. 30 lucky winners will be picked to win a free N3 Collector’s Edition NFT — please send your wallet address to (make sure its the one that interacted with the above link on the testnet!) and include at least one sentence of feedback.

NFT Distribution

As I mentioned last week, anyone who interacts with our protocol on Ethereum or Polygon between 12/20 and 12/31 will be eligible to receive our Saffron Finance Christmas 2021 NFT. We’re beginning distribution this week, so over 300 users should expect to see this NFT in their wallet soon!

Under The Hood

For the first week of January, we’ve got two miscellaneous items of note:

  • The Zokyo audit should be completed soon, we’ve received their feedback and are making the requested changes.
  • All 2021 feedback surveys are now closed. Thank you for the enormous amount of feedback we received (and to those who took the time to participate!).

Twitter Recap:

Let’s see what the buzz is around Saffron this week:

Welcome back to another exciting year! We’re glad to have all of you with us on this journey.

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