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Saffron Weekly (11/17/21)

What’s new in the week of 11/17/21–11/23/21.

Despite my optimism last week, crypto volatility rears its head again as Bitcoin drops to $60,000 — and all eyes are on the Bitcoin stock-to-flow model that projected a November all time high of $98,000. They’ve got less than 13 days to make it happen - and Crypto Twitter seems doubtful — but in the meantime:

Saffron Finance’s Website Launch

We’ll be launching the new Saffron Finance website very soon — which includes our white paper, an in-depth Academy section, Discourse/Snapshot integration, and more! We’ve had a lot of new users poking their heads around the Telegram lately asking for a whitepaper and additional resources, and I’m pleased to say that we’ll be rolling all that out very soon.

Saffron Finance Welcome Packet

I’ll be talking about this in a video over the weekend, but last week we airdropped an NFT to all past and present $SFI holders — the first issue of Saffron Finance’s Welcome Packet. Similar to how you would receive a pamphlet when signing up at a community center, this interactive NFT is meant to be a digital primer for new users joining our protocol. The information outlined in the welcome packet helps direct new users to various educational resources, our socials, and ways to learn more about Saffron and our community. This welcome packet will be periodically updated as we reach certain milestones and will be automatically airdropped to new holders of $SFI moving forward.

If you’ve owned $SFI at any point in the last year, you’ll have a copy of this sitting in your wallet. We used Polygon to distribute this airdrop to tens of thousands of users, so head on over to an ERC-1155 friendly platform such as and check your profile under the “hidden” tab to find your welcome packet. Any feedback on this new initiative? Let us know by participating in…

Saffron Q4 Feedback Survey

Our latest feedback survey is live, don’t forget to fill it out!

We’ve added a few new questions and are collecting some additional information this time around, so make sure to participate and help us shape the future of Saffron Finance!

Twitter Recap:

Let’s see what the buzz is around Saffron this week:

We’re going to be expanding Saffron’s integration on more chains very soon (some of you might be able to guess already) — so stay tuned!

Community resources

Web3 app:




Saffron is a peer to peer risk exchange and decentralized risk arbitrage marketplace.

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