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Saffron Weekly (11/24/21)

What’s new in the week of 11/24/21–11/30/21

Happy impending turkey day! finalized their purchase of the Staples Center to the reported tune of $700 million in some of the biggest news to come out of November. This purchase will rename the Staples Center to the Arena for the next twenty years. Regardless of whether you hold $CRO or not, you cannot deny that this is a big leap forward for our entire industry and we couldn’t be more excited for! As a reminder, you can find Saffron Finance on the DeFi Wallet.

Saffron Finance x KCC AMA

Yesterday Psykeeper led an AMA with KCC, where he answered a plethora of questions about Saffron’s past & future, our tranche system, our investors, roadmap and more! You can check the live chat on their Telegram here, and we’ll post a link to the transcription when it becomes available on their Medium.

We also gave away $1,000 in prizes for participants in the AMA and winners can expect those rewards to be distributed over the weekend!

Saffron Finance Welcome Packet

Dingo walks us through the Welcome Packet that we touched upon last week and provides a few more details on what to expect going forward. 2021 has been all about building the key foundation for Saffron Finance as we move forward into the decade, and this is just one of the new initiatives that we’re pushing forward to help onboard new users. There is a lot more coming, so stay tuned!

Development Update: New Audits + Bridging

Giving a brief development update, many of you will be happy to hear that Saffron Finance has begun our next audits with our third party auditors for our tranche risk management offerings. Expect to hear more details on that front after the holidays.

In addition, our development team is currently at work on bridging SFI to both NEO and KCC.

Saffron Q4 Feedback Survey

Our latest feedback survey is live, don’t forget to fill it out!

We’ve added a few new questions and are collecting some additional information this time around, so make sure to participate and help us shape the future of Saffron Finance!

Twitter Recap:

Let’s see what the buzz is around Saffron this week:

There may be another hidden NFT up for grabs soon. Who knows?

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