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Saffron Weekly (2/17/21)

What’s new in the week of 2/17/21–2/23/21.

Bitcoin breaks $50,000 this week as more of the world begins to look into this curious thing called cryptocurrency. It’s becoming apparent that the question is not if Bitcoin will ever reach $100,000, but rather a matter of when. I feel like I say this every week, but it continues to be an exciting time to be involved in decentralized finance. That being said, be sure to be cautious with your investments! It’s important to be able to recognize your euphoria and make sure to keep it in check. We are in the middle of a dramatic restructuring of our financial system, and as good as things are right now, there will inevitably be bumps along the road. What are your projections for your favorite coins this year? While you keep that in mind, let’s check in with our favorite protocol this week:

MessariCrypto lists SFI

Saffron Finance has been added to and their incredible team has put together a comprehensive list of Saffron’s history, metrics, tech, governance, and more! I cannot understate how much incredible research and work went into compiling this — interested parties can absolutely find a plethora of data here on Saffron Finance. Please check out their research here!

r/SaffronFinance Launches

You know what’s trendy these days? Reddit, apparently - I think they briefly shut down Wall Street or something. Anyway, we’ve launched r/SaffronFinance as another tool in our social media toolbox for our community to grow. A common feedback suggestion we’ve received is that people often miss discussions entirely because they happen during set hours in Discord. We have a globalized community here and it’s hard to perfectly time everything so that we can let everyone’s voice be heard. We thought that having a subreddit is a great way to work around that, as it avoids some of the clutter of our active Discord and makes it easy to continue conversations across hours or even days. It’s still a work in progress but using the Useful Links & Resources thread, you can easily find a list of all of the Saffron Weekly’s in chronological order. It’s pretty barebones at the moment while we’re getting it set up but check back, as it’ll be expanding soon!

Click me !

TVL Milestone

Saffron Finance currently has $60,000,000 TVL. TVL — or Total Locked Value — essentially represents the dollar value of all the tokens locked in the smart contract of a given decentralized lending project. This is a huge milestone for us and an extremely bright future for Saffron. We couldn’t be more thankful of this amazing community!

Community Spotlight:

Speaking of our amazing community, we have such a rich and diverse group of users that we want to start to highlight some of their insights! Check out what CryptoKlimt has to say about SFI and how he believes that risk tranches are the next hot thing in #DeFi and that the competition is low. Make sure to give him a follow!

Under The Hood:

This is the last week that we’ll be taking questions for the second video AMA with Psykeeper and myself — if you have a burning question to ask the team please submit it anonymously in this Google Form. Anything goes!

We’re expanding the team fast, we are still hiring another developer position that specializes in Solidity.

Feedback, feedback, feedback! It makes the world (and more importantly, Saffron) go round! We’ve implemented sweeping changes based off your guys’ responses in January (adding requested liquidity pools, upgrading the UI/UX, implementing more features, etc.) so every response helps move us further and further towards creating a better, more accessible protocol! Please take sixty seconds and help fill this out so we can make Saffron even greater!

Twitter Recap

Let’s see what crypto Twitter has been saying about us this past week:

Ben has a fantastic tweet thread following up on his original thesis about Saffron in November.

External News

If you know… you know.


Web3 app:




Saffron is a peer to peer risk exchange and decentralized risk arbitrage marketplace.

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