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Saffron Weekly (3/31/21)

What’s new in the week of 3/31/21–4/06/21.

Visa ends the month with some exciting news — they’re starting a new service on the Etherum blockchain. You can read more here: Visa Settles USDC Transaction on Ethereum, Plans Rollout to Partners.

Today marks the last day of Q1 2021, and looking back we have seen absolutely unprecedented adoption of DeFi and cryptocurrency by institutions over these past three months. There’s a lot to be excited for as we usher in Q2. Let’s dive in!

Psykeeper to be featured on Blockcrunch’s “Alpha Leak”

Psykeeper will be making an appearance on Blockcrunch’s new series “Alpha Leak” to talk about Saffron Finance. Blockcrunch is one of the biggest DeFi & crypto podcasts around and is hosted by none other than Jason Choi himself. Jason has a laser-like focus on interviewing important voices in crypto and is renowned for delivering hard hitting and informative interviews. There’s no release date yet for the episode, but you can follow Jason Choi for more updates.

We’ll be sure to loop back around let our readers know when the episode is set to air.

$SFI approaches 7000 unique wallet addresses


As of this writing we’re just a few dozen wallets away from having 7,000 unique wallets carry $SFI. This is incredibly exciting because it’s a great metric of adoption of the protocol by a wider audience. We’ve noticed a lot of new faces coming into our Telegram and Discord groups — more and more people are joining our community and SFI is getting more and more attention (likely in no small part thanks to some of the big announcements we’ve made this month).

Saffron Town Hall Recap

Yesterday’s Saffron Town Hall touched upon some great points — thank you to everyone who participated! Here are some bullet points:

  • We’re working on creating downside protection on price fluctuations as a service in Saffron.
  • We are working on launching a Discource forum for voting on things like the reward schedule and treasury management.
  • We’re upgrading our UI and adding a few features to the V1 app which will come with us in V2. We’re also going to be integrating a bug bounty program to find bugs in the new site and in the smart contract code for Saffron V2.
  • V2 will launch with two pools: market rate and enhanced APY pool. Market rate pools have no epochs but the cost of insurance and insurance provided fluctuates within programmatic bounds. Enhanced APY pools are similar to Saffron V1 with the added feature of rollover epochs, which is going to be great at saving gas.

You can view the chat log of what was talked about in more detail by going to our Discord and accessing the #governance channel. Stay tuned for the announcement of our next Town Hall! We look forward to seeing more of you there!

Community Engagement

This week we’re awarding Mich as this week’s Saffron Soldier for his outstanding track record and participation in our Town Hall and governance discussions. He’s consistently gone above and beyond at both helping guide discussion, offer great suggestions, and helping summarize what’s been Naturally, he’ll be receiving a new role on our Discord and bragging rights for all eternity! For those not in the loop, the Saffron Soldier contest is a fun, once a week competition where our team looks at the top users who have distinguished themselves (whether it’s on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc.) in the community. From there, the team then randomly selects the lucky winner. So far it’s proving to be a fun way to help engage the community a bit more. If you didn’t win this time — don’t worry, we’re going to be doing this once a week!

We reached out to Mich for a quote to provide in conjunction with this announcement and this was his response:

Twitter Recap:

Let’s see what the buzz is around Saffron this week:

And so we end the first quarter of 2021. It’s time to welcome in Q2 — I’ve got a feeling that this is where things are about to get interesting!

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Saffron is a peer to peer risk exchange and decentralized risk arbitrage marketplace.

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