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Saffron Weekly (6/02/21)

What’s new in the week of 6/02/21–6/08/21.

It’s anybody’s guess where the market is headed right now, but most of the crypto world has their attention focused on a certain convention taking place this weekend. This coastal metropolis — appropriately nicknamed The Magic City for its rapid growth — is hosting one of the biggest events in crypto history (so far).

A Dingo has been sighted in Miami

Bitcoin 2021 — the largest Bitcoin convention in history — will be held this weekend in Miami, FL and I’ll be attending on behalf of Saffron. It’s going to be a great event with guest speakers ranging from Ron Paul to Michael Saylor and days will be jam packed with events and presentations. For those of you unable to attend — we’ll be doing a few small events this weekend for our community members back home so that they can join in on the fun. Stay tuned this weekend for updates, some fun surprises, and maybe even a few prizes! Make sure to follow us on Twitter to get the first scoop!

Saffron Academy Podcast Episode 3

Zack’s first Saffron Academy Podcast episode debuted yesterday where he interviewed Mike Hendley, president and co-founder of DeFi Omega. DeFi Omega is a coalition of some of the most important investors, influencers, and founders in the crypto space. Mike is a business strategist, digital asset analyst, and a former cryptocurrency portfolio manager for high net-worth individuals. Zack talks with Mike about the founding of DeFi Omega, his outlook for Saffron Finance, how he got started in crypto, and much more. Check it out on iTunes and Spotify!

Under the Hood Maintenance

On the more technical side of things, roughly two weeks ago there was an issue with the Fantom bridge and a handful of users got their $SFI tokens stuck. This issue should now be resolved as the bridge from Fantom to ETH has now opened back up. You can find the correct FTM contract address for the SFI token here and we’re working with Etherscan to add the corrected logo and technical details for FTMScan. If you are still experiencing technical difficulties, please contact me on Telegram or Discord and provide your Etherscan and FTMscan transaction IDs (granted, I will be working during the aforementioned convention so if you reach out to me this weekend it may have to wait until Monday). We’ve solved the majority of cases in these past two weeks and we’re happy to continue to assist the few cases remaining!

New(ish) Feedback Form

I’m sure longtime readers are rolling their eyes at this popping up again, but it’s been extraordinarily useful for us so far! Last time for Q2, I promise! We’ve been able to collect some amazing feedback from you guys so far so we’d like to keep running this for a few more weeks. Please check out our new feedback form for Q2 2021. Previous surveys have caused us to implement sweeping changes based off user feedback — such as adding requested liquidity pools, upgrading the UI/UX, implementing more features, etc. Every response helps move us further and further towards creating a better, more improved version of Saffron.

Community Engagement

The proposal to deploy Saffron on Polygon has been approved by the community in the latest snapshot poll.

Below you can find links to the topics as well as what stage they’re on in descending order (Consensus Check -> Temperature Check -> Proposal).

How are you feeling about the governance process so far? Any thoughts or suggestions? Do you feel the time duration should be increased? Decreased? The beautiful part of governance is that any part of this process can be changed should there be sufficient support from the community. If you’d like to discuss potential changes head on over to Governance Meta!

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