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Saffron Weekly (8/25/21)

What’s new in the week of 8/25/21–8/31/21.

This week Visa announces that it has paid over $150,000 to buy a Cryptopunk while Kraken’s own Dan Held predicts Bitcoin surging over 500% if we mimic the 2013 bull market. Exciting times lie ahead as we get closer and closer to Fall. We’re not slouching either, as anyone following our socials this past weekend knows that we’ve official begun the transition from V1 to V2. This week as the long-awaited day is finally here! Let’s dive in:

V1 Sun-setting NFT Giveaway

Something ends, something begins.

We’re finally here — Saffron Finance is transitioning from V1 to V2. You can read the full details here that Psykeeper has outlined as we’ve shifted away from our epoch system in favor perpetual staking. What does this mean for the user at a glance? Essentially we’ll be rolling out V2 over the next few weeks as audits are completed so we appreciate everyone hanging tight while we roll things over. In the meantime, we’re giving away a limited edition NFT (similar to the Bitcoin Miami NFT) to commemorate this momentous occasion. You can sign up and receive it for free by filling out this form. Be quick though — signups are only available for a limited time and once the signup period is over you won’t be eligible to receive the NFT! Take this opportunity to prove to everyone that you were one of the early adopters of Saffron Finance! Who knows, it might come in handy in 2025!

Until V2 is fully released, users can take advantage of our existing partner programs offering rewards for SFI staking:
* SFI/ETH on Sushiswap by holding Sushi’s SLP tokens
* SFI/PRT on Uniswap by holding SFI/PRT UNI-V2 LP tokens
* SFI/WETH on DinoSwap by holding SFI/WETH SLP tokens on Polygon
* SFI single-sided staking on Bancor with IL protection

Saffron Art Contest

As we outlined on Monday, we’re having a Saffron Art Contest focused around designing our newest t-shirts! We’ve already received some amazing submissions after just one day, and we cannot wait to see what else you guys have in store for us! Don’t forget, the deadline to submit your design is September 6th!

The top three designs with the most votes will then be greenlit onto our upcoming storefront with the winners eligible to receive royalties from the sales of their specific t-shirt design (if desired). If winners would rather receive an upfront SFI compensation instead we can work that out as well. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Saffron Academy Podcast Episode 7

Yesterday I interviewed Maki — the founder of SushiSwap. We discuss the incredible beginnings of SushiSwap, the kinds of people SushiSwap tends to hire, their relationship with Uniswap now in 2021, government regulations and why Americans are being uniquely excluded out of cryptocurrency. Get a real taste of what it’s like being on the frontier of DeFi in this incredible interview. You can check it out above on Youtube or find us on iTunes and Spotify! As a quick aside, we’ve surpassed over 1,600 unique downloads for the podcast component alone— thank you everyone who has tuned in and reviewed us!

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