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Saffron Weekly Newsletter (12/14/20)

What’s new in the week of 12/14/20–12/20/20.

It’s Monday, so you know what that means — welcome back ladies and gentlemen for another Saffron Weekly! I’m going to be frank with you all — the next two weeks are going to be some of our busiest yet. This is going to be an amazing time to be following Saffron and there are some developments that I’m not able to talk about today that are going to blow minds. With any luck we’ll be able to let you all in on them throughout this week and next. But let’s start off with what we can talk about:

Epoch 3 Begins!

It’s underway! With a smooth transition from epoch 2 into epoch 3, we welcome several new liquidity pools to Saffron — Empty Set Dollar, GEEQ, SUSHI, and ibETH/ALPHA . The first three are live now, while the ibETH/ALPHA pool will go live tomorrow at 6AM UTC. Epoch 3 will run until December 27th. If you’re wondering why last week I neglected to mention the latter two liquidity pools — it’s because they ended up being manifested throughout that very week. I’ve worked in several fast paced industries in my life and none of them hold a candle to how fast the DeFi sector can move. That goes doubly so for a project that is starting to pick up steam and turn heads. I will do my best to keep you all tuned in to the updates coming this week, so be sure to follow our Medium account and check us out on Twitter to be notified every time we post.

Yesterday Psy posted a quick article outlining the values for each pool in epoch 3. The amounts were considered thoroughly by taking into account DeFi native integrations, community size, partners’ contributions to percentage yield matching, and upcoming collaboration on DeFi products.

For those keeping score at home — the beginning of epoch 3 means we’ll have minted a total of 70,000 SFI since this project began. Users familiar with our white paper know that the token itself is capped at 100,000, meaning that there will only ever be 100,000 SFI in circulation — and once epoch 3 ends three quarters of all possible SFI in existence will have been minted. I’ll leave you all to draw your own conclusions as what that might mean in the future, but it’s safe to say that exciting times lie ahead for Saffron holders.

Art Contest Ends!

The art contest has concluded and the dev team will select a winner later today! We received so many great entries that you guys have definitely made it hard to narrow it down to three winners! Thank you so much to everyone who participated and rest easy that if you don’t win this time I have it on good authority that there will certainly be more opportunities in the near future.

Everyone Loves SUSHI
SFI/ETH Sushiswap pool epoch 3 liquidity mining reward: 762 SFI

Great news for fans of SushiSwap — we are expanding our SFI/ETH pair to their DEX. You may have heard SUSHI making great waves in the DeFi space when they announced a merger with Yearn.Finance earlier this month, and we’re thrilled to be able to open a liquidity pool for SUSHI-LP going forward. If you’ve never heard of SushiSwap before, they’ve had a fascinating story from almost the word go in the DeFi space. Originally started as a fork of the more “mainstream” decentralized exchange Uniswap, SushiSwap has now become the largest decentralized exchange in the world by liquidity. As a reminder, please vote yes in their poll for Onsen inclusion! At the moment we have over $6.1m in AMM liquidity for the SFI/ETH pair between Sushiswap ($3.1m) and Uniswap ($3m).

Alpha Finance Lab
ibETH/ALPHA Uniswap pool epoch 3 liquidity mining reward: 100 SFI

Earlier today, we published a press release of our partnership with Alpha Finance Lab. I highly encourage you guys to check it out and take a look at the way they utilize Trading Volume Mining to conduct liquidity mining instead of running a typical liquidity mining program. I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, Alpha Finance Lab is compromised of some amazing innovators and we’ve really enjoyed working together with their team so far! The ibETH/ALPHA Uniswap pool is based on Alpha Homora’s SFI/ETH pairing.

Empty Set Dollar
SFI/ESD Uniswap pool epoch 3 liquidity mining reward: 100 SFI

We’re incredibly flattered to be the first integration ESD has with another protocol — that’s a big responsibility and it’s incredibly bullish that the ESD team chose us. For those unfamiliar with the project ESD is designed to be an algorithmic stablecoin built to be the reserve currency of DeFi, maintain parity around 1 USDC. They recently launched their treasury this month and after only four days it had already surpassed 1.2 million ESD. Clearly, both ESD and SFI know a thing or two about having a passionate community.

SFI/GEEQ Uniswap pool epoch 3 liquidity mining reward: 36 SFI

Geeq is based on a new blockchain consensus protocol called Proof of Honesty (PoH). PoH empowers users who hold tokens on the platform to determine for themselves whether the network of validating nodes is behaving honestly. This allows Geeq to provide 99% Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) while delivering rapid transaction finality at extremely low transactions cost. And since yesterday, the Geeq community now has another utility for their token with our Saffron platform. In addition, Saffron will be utilizing Geeq’s ecosystem and building on their platform once their mainnet is available. There’s a lot of great things to keep an eye on here with Geeq, so stay tuned!

DeFi Omega AMA

I want to also circle back and briefly highlight the AMA that Psykeeper did with DeFi Omega last week. If you haven’t checked it out, you owe it to yourself to take the time to read over it. If you’re the type to scour for breadcrumbs for hints of what the future holds, Psy has dropped some that are incredibly — well — interesting tidbits in that AMA. I’ll leave it at that for now.


As we develop and build more liquidity pools for the community, we’re curious about what features you guys would like to see coming to Saffron. What’s a big priority for you? Got a specific partnership dream team in mind? We are always open to suggestions and things YOU guys want to see happen — drop us a line on the #sfi-suggestions channel in Discord. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our user experience and support our community, so please don’t hesitate!

That’s all for now, but get ready for a whirlwind these next two weeks. Make sure you follow us on our social media platforms to get the latest scoop as quickly as possible when it’s made available — there are going to be a few things that you won’t want to miss. As always, you can reach me and the rest of the team on Discord and Telegram, check our dev team’s progress on our Github, and follow our updates on Twitter. Thank you all so much!


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Saffron is a peer to peer risk exchange and decentralized risk arbitrage marketplace.

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