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Why are we building Safient?

The Crypto ecosystem has come a long way since the inception of Bitcoin. It is much more than just internet money now. We have seen the radicalization of finance, governance, collectible marketplace, and much more by building the decentralized and open version of it. But most, if not all projects rely on crypto-assets to fuel their project. So, there is tremendous value being derived in these projects in the form of crypto assets.

Even though a lot of time has been spent to create value in the ecosystem by attracting new users to these projects, and allowing them to own these assets in the form of tokens or currencies, there is a very minimal effort being carried out to provide the users a secure and easy way to safeguard their crypto assets. In this rapidly growing ecosystem, have we ever paused for a moment and thought about what would happen to all these valuable crypto assets if something happens to our device or the secret backed up in those servers or the paper backup on your office drawer. Or even worse, what if we are no longer are around to preserve those assets if an unfortunate event ever to happen to us. What happens to our precious crypto assets? Don’t our loved ones deserve to inherit these hard earned assets?

I’m sure everyone has thought about it at some point. But the optimism about the negligible probability of the scenario made us believe that the problem isn’t critical. A minority of the people who have ventured into finding a solution to this problem haven’t found a convenient and secure way to perform safekeeping and enabling the inheritance of their crypto assets. There have been several efforts to solve this problem with various approaches. Although a few have been able to provide ad-hoc solutions, none have provided a satisfactory generic, usable solution to this problem.

That’s why we at Safient are working on a sophisticated protocol to safeguard the crypto assets and allow a smooth inheritance to your precious crypto assets.

We believe that we have a solution that will help any crypto-asset owner to conveniently safeguard their assets, enable their beneficiaries to claim the assets at the right time. All these, without trusting any intermediaries. Along with delivering a secure protocol, we are striving to abstract away all the complexities and provide a convenient, intuitive experience for the safe creator and inheritors.

We have made great progress so far to prove the prototype and we are close to delivering the first usable version to the public. Until then, you can follow our progress through Twitter and Discord. Check out for more details.

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