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SAG 2021 — Week 4 Report

Sometime this week, probably around 9am Monday, the SAG 2021 regular season ticked over quarter time. Hard to believe that 25% of the season has gone already. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

This week’s SAG LAB+ insights come with an asterisk… wait that's not right. They come from an asterisk. This week we’re taking a look at JABs suggested statistic of what the league would look like in a world where every player played every other player each week. The results show an interesting picture:

Wins if everyone played everyone everyweek…

This alternative SAG league ladder under this arrangement can be seen below:

A view from an alternative SAGiverse… (source: author)

What does this tell us? One or two good weeks are all it takes to turn things around. Or 3 really good weeks in a row if you’re a Cainers fan (who has completely cooked the variance and trends numbers again). It shows that Taco and Gypsies are lower ladder threats. It shows that Patches are going to take some catching, but the field is closing.

Let’s look at week 4.

C4NT lost to Patches

Cordelle Patterson. Is he a WR? Is he a back? Is he a special teams player? He’s the best thing in Atlanta at the moment and his 35.50pts buried the News Team in a tight one. Herbert barely raised a sweat by getting the table topping Patches into the lead on MNF before half time, but it was a close-run match up until then.

Rubbers lost to Django

Raise the bat Clarkey, Rubbers hit triple figures for the first time this year! And don’t be dismayed. Co-cainers only had 91pts in week 1 and look at them now (Deeboo especially encouraging). Djangos did enough without going scorched earth yet, it feels like a really slow-moving train, picking up steam this Bandit outfit. McLaurin was made to look amazing (rather than the very very good that he is) against an often-confused Falcons D and helped the Bandits out in this one.

The JABs lost to CO-Cainers

The result that was never in doubt. When the week’s top scorer plays the week’s bottom scorer it gets messy. This was bulldog eating custard messy. Six players got over 23pts for the Cainers. Thats a whole hand of digits plus one more (for the mathematically challenged). In a quirk, JABs had less single digit scorers than Cainers, but only one above 20. Thats the tale of the tape right there.

Gypsies lost to TacoCorp

Match of the round and good to see the two punting juggernauts duke it out on the fantasy gridiron. The ol’ Mahomes/Hill one two combo from Tacos was deployed to devastating effect in this one, and while a great RB round for the Gypos, it wasn’t enough to overcome this boom and bust tactic. The win here really cements TacoCorp as the most dangerous opponent in the league. The continued feast or famine results, the questionable messages on the WhatsApp thread, the true mad genius psyche of the GM (or idiot savant), the highlight reel is quickly filling for the newly Geelong relocated franchise.

Stayed tuned for week 5 matches and an exclusive interview with an often-misunderstood league GM in next week's report!

1st and 15,

Commish Clue




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