5: 43

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Yes ! It all start’s from morning 5:43 AM on one of the my favourite day. (Will update it soon)

Actually, I want to write a lot about the day when we (yes, we) found something related to 5:43 during before days. It’s very amazing to feel but very difficult to write. As that feeling is somehow different ! As schedule part of my life, may be that was started earlier, I don’t know what to tell it, but there is something call inner vibes, which may lead to your destination after good-bad experience. (may or may not, in my case — will, Khi Khi Khi) For me it is very easy to figure out that sudden change in behaviour and many more so called #personal things in regular carriculum. Still, I am very amazed, happy, surprised and of course thank god for that. Everyone required somethings permanently in your life. May be it’s a thing, wish, product, human, animal etc. But it’s very difficult to make a surround comfortable with it’s absence from where I am taking it let to confirm about for new environment at where it may coming. It’s very (may be very much) difficult to change in environment of any of living. It may create resist, huddles and may be some bad things (wishing god to save, and he/she will) but may be one of my favourite tagline of swami vivekanand will work to complete this from 5:43 + 36 hrs = 17:43 and change the place of living for it.

Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached

#LYFH may be written with it’s full form on the wall with surprise !

Always ~ Sa***

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