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Saga AlphaNet ‘Andromeda’ Arrives, First Released to Developers and Projects in the Saga Innovator Program

MULTIVERSE, September 8, 2022 — Saga announced today that its AlphaNet “Andromeda” has arrived. It will first be released to the 55 projects in the Saga Innovator Program. A cohort of whitelisted developers and the general public will be able to access Andromeda over the next few weeks.

Andromeda is the first chapter in Saga’s journey to mainnet. It is part of a series of releases building up to the full developer flow for launching applications in single-tenant virtual machines (VMs) onto dedicated chains, or chainlets, on Saga.

Saga is a Web3 infrastructure protocol that empowers developers to build gaming and entertainment applications with their own dedicated blockspace. Dedicated blockspace ensures high throughput, no dependencies on other applications using Saga, easy upgradability and congestion relief. In addition, gas fees for infrastructure remain predictable and are by default hidden from the end user, allowing developers to use any token or currency for their applications. The automated deployment of dedicated blockspace will be secured via interchain security by the same set of validators that underlie the Saga mainnet.

What’s in Andromeda?

Andromeda is currently implemented as a developer tool that easily provisions the needed infrastructure and deploys EVM-compatible chainlets accessible via Solidity dev tools like HardHat or Remix. Andromeda is ready to use as-is and is the first step in Saga’s roadmap towards more complex features geared towards the multiverse and greater automation on the Saga backend.

In further iterations, we will replace the centralized orchestration service with a decentralized chain, enable IBC chainlet interconnect, and implement shared security for chainlets. For DevNet, we will introduce validator orchestration tools to help manage and coordinate chainlet deployment onto decentralized chains. For more information about the Saga roadmap, click here.

To be considered for whitelisting on Andromeda, click here.

About the Saga Innovators

Saga Innovator Program participants are handpicked projects that are pushing the limits of blockchain technology, especially when it comes to enabling a much broader market of developers to launch their own chains in gaming and entertainment.

At Saga, we believe the Metaverse will be a Multiverse. We believe more developers will decide to launch their own chains, and we aim to work with those teams who share that vision.

Innovators include RPG games, MOBA games, NFT platforms, GameFi projects, game tooling and infrastructure, Web2 game studios expanding to their first Web3 titles, native Web3 gaming platforms, gaming & NFT DAOs, game engines and backends, a few select DeFi projects and much more.

There are currently 55 Saga Innovators, including Merit Circle, IndiGG, Gameplay Galaxy, Kujira, Satori, Pala.World, X.LA, VenturePunk, Passage, ThirdWeb, Champion Games, Game 7, Ftribe, P12, Cosmic Horizon, Reign of Terror, Planetarium, Infinity Keys, Crypto League, Coinfantasy, Flair.Finance, Eclipse, PG DAO, Adappter, Tallyup and many more. For a deep dive into each Innovator, visit our Innovators Page.

In addition to early access to AlphaNet, the Saga Innovator Program participants also receive extensive co-marketing from Saga and individual access to Saga’s technical resources for implementation. Once in the program, a project will continue with our developer initiatives through Saga’s roadmap to mainnet and beyond.

To join future cohorts of the Saga Innovator Program, click here.

Looking Ahead

For Saga community members interested in being a part of the network itself, there will be opportunities to become a node and participate in staking and delegating shortly after. We will keep everyone posted on these future releases.

To learn more about the Saga protocol, click here. Be sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter for the latest news and updates from us and our Innovators.

Saga will host a Twitter Spaces community call at 10am PT on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 to discuss details and answer any questions around Andromeda.

About Saga

Saga is a protocol for automated deployment of application-specific blockchains in gaming, entertainment and DeFi. Through its platform, it aims to empower developers to build the next 1000 chains in the multiverse. For more information, visit



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