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4 min readJan 5, 2023


New solution will accelerate the viability and adoption of rollups in the fast-emerging modular ecosystem

MULTIVERSE, January 5, 2023 — Saga announced today that it has begun work with Celestia Labs to implement sequencers-as-a-service to scale rollup architecture.

The solution will enable applications to automatically launch Celestia rollups with decentralized sequencers on Saga. It will combine the Saga protocol’s ability to orchestrate and scale dedicated chains using interchain security and Celestia’s Rollmint rollup technology.

Optimistic rollups are a compelling solution for blockchain scalability. However, adoption of rollups has been held back by their need for a native token and sequencer solicitation. The removal of these obstacles will increase adoption. This collaboration marks a significant effort to remove these barriers to entry for developers building on rollups and therefore scale their usage.

The ultimate goal of this collaboration is to offer products that achieve enhanced scalability. Developers will have the ability to spin up rollups in an automated fashion via the Saga-featured Celestia Rollup Chainlet capable of deploying any smart contracts, beginning with Ethereum. While native tokens will be supported, the need for a staking token and sequencer selection will be completely abstracted away for developers.

Just as one use case, Saga currently focuses on gaming and entertainment. Both require performance improvements and cost savings compared to traditional blockchain architecture, and this collaboration is a significant step towards achieving those goals.

More broadly, rollups will become far more viable and available as a true scalability solution.

Saga and Celestia will collaborate to deliver the following:

  • Saga provides a service to organize validators into sequencers and punish misbehavior via shared security
  • Validators become sequencers via a rollup scheduler on a weighted per-epoch basis
  • The service has a mechanism to detect two types of faults: for invalid block production, a fraud proof, and for offline & censoring, a challenge to process a set of transactions
  • Celestia is the underlying data availability layer that securely persists and makes available the data needed to generate fraud proofs and offline & censor challenges
  • Communication between rollups and Saga will be handled via optimistic rollup IBC

For more information, check out the architecture proposal on the Celestia Forum here.

“The Saga stack is eminently flexible in its ability to provide automated deployment of dedicated blockspace, and rollups are no exception,” said Rebecca Liao, Co-Founder & CEO of Saga. “Celestia has done significant work to make the modular blockchain vision come to life, and we are honored to collaborate with them to make rollups a real and scalable option for developers.”

“Rollups-as-a-Service will play a critical role in the emerging modular ecosystem,” said Mustafa Al-Bassam, CEO and co-Founder of Celestia Labs. “Our collaboration with Saga will significantly accelerate the adoption of rollup technology, making it easier for developers to achieve enhanced scalability.”

Celestia is a modular consensus and data availability network that focuses solely on ordering transactions and making the data for transactions available. The Celestia blockchain does not handle smart contracts or perform computations. Instead, these functions are outsourced to rollups or other blockchains.

Celestia Rollmint allows sovereign rollups to deploy on Celestia and communicate directly with its data availability layer. This model allows applications and other chains to scale via rollups and separation of the data availability component of a blockchain.

Saga is a Web3 scalability protocol that empowers developers to build applications on dedicated chains, or chainlets. This infrastructure ensures high throughput, easy upgradability, congestion relief, and no dependencies on other applications using Saga. In addition, gas fees for infrastructure remain predictable and are by default hidden from the end user, allowing developers to use any token or currency for their applications.

The automated deployment of dedicated blockspace will be managed via interchain security by the same set of validators that underlie the Saga mainnet. Because Saga is also generally capable of deploying any technology as a service that implements consumer-side shared security, it can also be used to stand up and scale rollups in an automated fashion. With Celestia, this stack is an end-to-end scaling solution for blockchain.

About Saga

Saga is a Web3 scalability protocol for automated deployment of application-specific blockchains in gaming, entertainment and DeFi. Through its platform, it aims to empower developers to build the next 1000 chains in the multiverse.

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