Sagewise Publishes Index of Smart Contract and Blockchain Legislation by State as a Community Resource

Sagewise today published an index of smart contract and blockchain legislation by state as a free community resource. The index lists proposed, pending, and passed blockchain and smart contract legislation in each of the 50 U.S. states.

We welcome feedback on the index, and hope that it will help guide industry professionals as the body of blockchain and smart contract regulation in each of the U.S. states evolves.

Notably, states that are eager to prove they are a friend of these new technologies have proposed and/or passed laws that basically say ‘we love blockchain.’ Tennessee’s HB1507 is a good example of this: it does nothing more than legally recognize blockchain and smart contract technology.

These bills have been received with mixed favorability by the blockchain community. Many — though not all — blockchain enthusiasts see laws as a hindrance, not as a gift, given their libertarian and anarchists sentiments. Those more friendly to legislation are worried by the fragmented legislative landscape that could result from the states making individual and varied regulatory schemes instead of the federal government creating one uniform set of regulations.

Sagewise will continue to monitor legislative developments in this space.