A case from practice: Financial issue

In this series I share real cases from my astrological practice. All information is anonymous and shared with an agreement of the client.

Illustration by Vekendra

This is a story about financial blocks and how deeply astrology can work with them.

Stacy comes to me with a question: “How can I stabilize my financial stream?”. She’s already done quite a great job observing her financial patterns but hasn’t understood how to use them.

Except for few leading questions, I keep silent through the first half of the consultation. I am looking at her natal chart, especially at Venus and its aspects.

Venus in Leo with an opposition to Jupiter in Aquarius, a Trine aspect with Saturn in Aries and a sextile aspect with Mars in Libra.

Stacy tells me she’s always had problems with money. If she doesn’t control the expenses, she will spend everything very quickly. But to spend money you need to have it — and that is the issue.

How to get money?

Stacy’s found out that every time she really needs money, it appears in the same magical way. First she feels stuck, low on energy, she is being limited, as if tied hand and foot (yes, she uses this phrase). Then suddenly she gets the insight she needs to do a specific action. It can even be something symbolic, but it is very important to do something, to act, to send energy out.

Do you understand what’s going on already?

The trine with Saturn is responsible for the first step of her magical financial pattern. Stacy needs money, she is in a very difficult situation. And the solution arises on its own, as if by good luck. That’s how trine works.

Saturn leads Stacy’s attention inwards to her inner wisdom, her inner strength. She feels blocked because she collects energy inside. That’s the most typical Saturn way — it restricts to help us find power inside ourselves. Since trine is a harmonious aspect, restrictions always lead to results.

Then the sextile with Mars enters the game. Stacy has found inner strength and now she needs to transform it into a direct action. So she knows precisely what to do. Even if it’s a simply symbolic action.

Sextile represents harmonious materialisation, it’s a very material and tangible aspect. That’s why money is eventually acquired somehow.

Stacy says that pattern makes her feel focused, she senses the world, the energy streams and her exact place in the global balance.

Pure magic, isn’t it?

So her question is — how to make it stable, how to be focused and in contact with financial streams all the time, not only during crises.

While I am listening to Stacy, everything she is saying makes perfect sense. Her aspects of Venus easily show the entire pattern.

Yet one part is missing. The opposition with Jupiter. This aspect makes Stacy spend all her money without control, but how does this aspect affect the process of getting money?

We are missing the antagonism in that story. Opposition is always about antagonism, fight, confrontation.

Jupiter is a macro-social planet, it represents society, law. Jupiter represents the principle of expansion, it opens new spaces, new possibilities, and symbolizes fortune and wealth.
And Venus represents social connections, social behavior. Venus is one’s role in society.

So Stacy should have a confrontation between society and her participation in it, between the common good and her personal good, between what she receives and gives back.

— Stacy, could you tell me about your relationship with money? When you want to earn it, what do you focus on?
— I focus on how to get the money.

That’s it!

Stacy’s motivation is the key. Every time Stacy focuses on how to get money. So money itself is her goal. Stacy doesn’t focus on the work she does, nor on the valuables she gives to society. She doesn’t focus on the society’s wealth at all. Stacy thinks of the way to get money. The way to get money for herself, her own need. That is her only focus.

But Venus doesn’t work like that. Money doesn’t work like that. To get money we need to offer society something valuable. And society will thank us back with a reward.

Stacy’s way of thinking is quite typical for unbalanced opposition Leo — Aquarius, where the scales are tilted to Leo: leadership, me, my personality, Sun, center of attention, fire against collectives, society, teamwork, common good.

So what happens to Stacy?

She needs money. But the focus of her attention is not on what to give to society, what wealth to offer, but on her egocentric need. Then her harmonious aspects such as the trine with Saturn and the sextile with Mars help her find money to come out of a personal financial crisis. Again and again.

And after this luck the opposition with Jupiter engages. Jupiter, as a social law, takes everything that Stacy owed to society after the magical luck of trine and sextile. So until the next personal financial crisis Stacy doesn’t have enough money, she feels financial blocks inside and she wonders — how can she stabilize her financial stream?

The answer is simple. By pulling her attention from herself (Venus) to society (Jupiter). And by starting to build a fair and balanced relationship based on mutual benefits.

In simple terms, to think what she can offer valuable to society in exchange for money. And then her harmonious aspects with Saturn and Mars will become not only a magical stick for critical times but stable magical helpers for always.

What can Stacy offer society, what profession can she choose?
That’s a topic for the next consultation.
Stay tuned.



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