Elements, signs and dialectical archetypes

Astrology is a beautiful system. If we deeply understand main principles we can synthesize lots of information by ourselves.

Let’s briefly look at the connection between astrology and high Dialectical archetypes: creation, realization and transformation.

Four basic elements (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) manifest themselves differently depending on the archetype. For example, Cancer, a Water element in archetype of creation (we also can call it phase of creation) works differently than Pisces, a Water element in phase of transformation.

If we get the core principles of that difference we can learn many things about Zodiac signs, elements, Dialectical archetypes and Astrology in general.

Water (in relation to the environment)

Creation: Cancer — keeps inside and protects itself with a shell.
Realization: Scorpio — transforms the environment.
Transformation: Pisces — forgives and swims away.

Fire (in action)

Creation: Aries — acts itself.
Realization: Leo — guides others.
Transformation: Sagittarius — inspires others.

Air (in their collaboration with others)

Creation: Gemini — connects.
Realization: Libra — balances.
Transformation: Aquarius — invents a new system.

Earth (in work)

Creation: Taurus — goes step by step.
Realization: Virgo — divides into separate parts and details.
Transformation: Capricorn — administrates.



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