Few stories about Moon Nodes transits.

Moon Nodes are two points at which the orbit of the Moon intersects the ecliptic. Moon Nodes are imaginary objects in Astrology, they don’t have physical body. That’s why they can’t affect our life directly.

But transit of Moon Nodes together with other planets can be a trigger for very big changes.

Story 1.

One my client had transit Uranus in conjunction with natal South Node in the 8th house. It’s a house of transformation, death, mystical ceremonies and experiences, changing of egregores.
During this transit period she changed a city of living, few jobs and the way of thinking.

The most exciting story happened at an Ayahuasca ceremony, when the aspect was the most precise. She remembered her past life and the way she got killed.

Story 2.

A client had transit Chiron in square aspect to his natal Neptune and Venus.
That’s quite a long and intense transit.

He participated in an Ayahuasca ceremony (yeah, my clients drink Madrecita) right on the day of his South Node being in pure conjunction with Neptune.
So it was a powerful trigger.

He remembered his past life, he was a shaman somewhere far away from his origin country.

When we speak about transits we need to check the position of the natal planet as well. His natal South Node is located in (surprise-surprise!) 8th house. So his past path had been tightly connected with transformation, death, mystical ceremonies and experiences, changing of egregores. Quite nice description of shamanic work, isn’t it? A conjunction aspect with transit South Node has actived this memory.

Story 3 (without Madrecita).

I had a conjunction between transit Venus and my natal South Node and opposition to my natal Venus. As a result I had a very intense and important discussion with my partner about our relationship, past and future.

Few years ago we would have a fight instead of a “discussion”. So that’s a really important transit.

What’s the moral of this strories?

Moon nodes transits can be a trigger of big changes in our lifes. It’s better to keep one’s wits about one.
South node is connected with our past events. Usually that means the result of some previous actions, previous karma.
Noth node is connected with future. The result of our actions can last for long-long time.

You can check if you have transit aspects with your Moon Nodes in any horoscope application by adding transit chart above your natal one.

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