Mu Yu Phu, Pig On a Hill

I’ve always loved listening to Mother Goose Rhymes when I was a kid. I’m going to write some nursery rhymes in Lao of my own. Here is the first one that I’ve been kicking around for a few months now.

In Lao


English Phonetics

Mu yu phu baw mee mu. 
Mu loang phu pai ha mu. 
Mu pen mu num nu dai bo? 
Mu pen mu num nu dai yu!


Pig on a hill hasn’t any friends. 
Strolling down the hill to find a friend. 
Can a pig be a friend with a mouse? 
Yes, a pig can be friends with a mouse!

Since there were no Lao nursery rhymes that I could recall or have heard of, I made one up myself. Of course, the rhyme and rhythm gets lost in the translation. I encourage you to read it in Lao. It’s much more fun! The idea behind this story is that anyone can be friends, it just takes a bit of effort to find a friend.

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