Declaring the devotion

Om Sai Ram

We use social media as an integral part of our day. For most, it is a way to express who they are or for others, a way to express to the world who they want to be perceived as — cool, well-traveled, seeker of unique experiences with perfect family and teeth. No wonder, those who engage with Facebook etc as voyeurs of the world feel an extreme sense of FOMO

Then there are those of us who wear their emotions on our sleeve, rather on status updates. Every little or big moment must be chronicled, captured and shared with a bunch of people, some of whom you barely remember meeting. Latest outfits must make it to facebook, and care taken that those pictures are managed well so that you dont appear in same outfit on two occasions — that is absolute fashion hara-kiri. Hanging out in bars, going for musicals, traveling to exotic locations — how many of us have wished our lives were so exciting all the time. Social media would have you believe we do not get zits, we do not get laid off from jobs, we do not declare bankruptcies, we do not lose a promotion or get yelled by the boss. Life is perfect and our declarations of life well lived posted on regular intervals

There is one type of post that pulls on your emotional strings. These are what I call the “amen” posts. These are social media version of chain mails. If you do not click on an image, or post it on your timeline within 10 mins or type in “Amen” or any other chant, you will face 10 years of bad luck. 10 years! I mean to hell with all the good deeds, good thoughts and good work you have done to gather good karma. But if you don’t post this as instructed, even if you hardly invited this trouble-post into your life, you lose out, buddy — for 10 years.

Then of course, there are the activists among us who must react to every transgression of political figures, parties. We join activist groups, share memes that ridicule our enemies, and generally feel holier than thou over those less-enlightened opposition. We have opinions that must be shared and validated through likes and loves by people mostly in our circle.

All is fair. So when I declare my devotion to Sai Ma through status update, I can see the atheists, non-believers, voyeurs or self-styled life-experts worry I have gone cuckoo with blind devotion. Just remember, we are all different shades of cuckoo — you happen to be “see my best life” cuckoo, I happen to be “Sai Baba” cuckoo. But cuckoo we all are.

Jai Sai Ram