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Download Chrome using Internet Explorer on Windows Server 2019

  1. When you first open Internet Explorer, you will be greeted with a nice pop-up. Go ahead and click on OK.

2. Next we will be disabling a couple of security features. Head to Internet options in the settings

3. Head to Security Tab

4. Click on Custom Level. Find Downloads section and enable File Download

5. Click on OK and click on Yes on the warning message that you wish to change these settings.

6. Next click on Trusted Sites, and Sites. Add

6. Click on Apply and OK

7. When you create a new tab, you will be greeted with another pop-up. Unhighlight the check box and click on Add to trust this website. Click Close

8. Type in the search bar “download chrome”. Head to first website to download chrome

9. You should have a Download Chrome button pop-up. Click on Download. Refresh the page or reopen internet explorer if it doesn't show up.

10. Click on Save and Run when a pop-up appears




Understanding each tool, concept, process one at a time

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