GANG INITIATION LORE PROMPT #1: Saiba Initiation — Portside District Obstacles

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Saiba Initiation — Portside District Obstacles

Becoming a Saiba is tough. Most don’t make it, but a teen joining the gang can often mean the difference between life or death for their family trying to survive life in Wintermoon under the digital fist of the Kaze Collective.

The Saiba Initiation Competition happens once per year, and all of Wintermoon sends its sons and daughters to compete in the dangerous and secretive rite of passage. The winners become Saibas, and the losers, well, we don’t like to talk about what happens to them.

In order to become a Saiba, a teen must make it through the puzzles, obstacles, traps, and tricks in each District without being either caught by the Saibas or disappeared by the Kaze. It’s dangerous and competitive, and only the most daring, ingenious, and, sometimes, the most brutal win.

If you make it through the Initiation, then the District you excelled the most in becomes your Division.

YOUR TURN (Here is your prompt!)

For the next 4 days, we will release a prompt to tell us what obstacles and challenges are in each District that Saiba initiates must survive to become a member of the Gang. We start with Portside!


They are masters of stealth, subterfuge, and blending into the background. They can get along anywhere, and they can sneak into any place or pick any lock. They are masters of reading an environment and people. Ships better watch their cargo with the Portside Saibas around.

In Portside, you’ll find all the piers, loading docks, warehouses, and more to receive, load, and manage the goods and people flowing in and out of the Port of Wintermoon.

What Saiba Gang Initiation obstacles, puzzles, traps, and challenges must an initiate overcome to get through this District?


  • Around 200 words (remember if people don’t read it, they won’t vote for it! So keep it as short as possible).
  • One obstacle per entry, unlimited entries.
  • Due by Midnight EST, Thursday, Nov. 4.


  • ALL quality entries that follow the instructions will receive points, even if not a finalist or winner. We value everyone’s contributions, and you ALL make the Saibaverse great!
  • The points system will develop over time into a robust rewards system that makes NFTs financially accessible to all and co-creates a high-value project we all tangibly benefit from proportionate to the value we add.

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