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3 min readNov 1, 2021

Gm, fren. Welcome to Wintermoon, home of the Saiba Gang and center of the Saibaverse. We hope you find a home here. You are invited to grow this new world with us as we co-create a universe in our collective imagination and in the digital realm.

This article is intended to give you an overview of what to expect from the official and community writing aspect of the Saiba Gang NFT project (minting Monday, November 1st, at 2pm EST).

Here are the three major ways we will begin sharing the story:

  • A manga series is being written by Jessica Artemisia Mathieu, with lore prompt contributions from the community. This manga will begin being published a few pages each week on Webtoons beginning 3–4 months after mint.
  • The Book of Saiba will be minted (page-by-page) containing all the lore and background information about Wintermoon and the Saibaverse contributed by the community. We accept unlimited submissions and plan to mint every submission that we and the community approve of. Every quality submission will also be tangibly rewarded (we believe in giving back).
  • You can write your characters’ stories and add them to the official lore! Once the Saibaverse is fleshed out by the community, you can start creating your stories within the Saibaverse. Then, you can submit your narratives to be published on our official Medium publication (here). We’ll share your writing with the Saiba Gang community and, of course, reward you for not only having a submission selected but also for submitting quality work, even if we don’t select it. We want you to know your contributions are valued, even if we don’t select them for official publication. Note that community narratives and the manga series will be written separately unless something really magical happens, which is entirely possible 😊

For the Book of Saiba, feel free to let your imaginations run wild! Envision this universe! It’s yours. It’s ours. We’re co-creating it together. Even if not everything you contribute to the Saibaverse gets included in the manga series, it doesn’t mean it can’t exist here!



Release the setup for Episode 1 and invite you to tell us what characters you want to see in the story.

Story Prompt: Main characters! There will be 4.

Lore Prompt: Book of Saiba Page 1 submissions are open.


The Bad Guys, Part 1: Bad Saibas

Story Prompt: The Antagonists (from Saiba Gang).

Lore Prompt: Book of Saiba Page 2 submissions are open.


Your Stories

Story Prompt: Submit your story concept/s (300–1500 words).

Lore Prompt: Book of Saiba Page 3 submissions are open.


Book of Saiba

Story Prompt: Begin open call for your stories!

Lore Prompt: Continued submissions for Book of Saiba.


  • Worldbuilding: Continued prompts and submissions for Book of Saiba and your stories.
  • Publishing: Your stories published in our official publication on Medium.
  • Minting: The first pages of the Book of Saiba will be minted and sent to random wallets (including those who submitted successfully — stay tuned for some fun mechanics with this!).
  • Workshops: Write with the Loremaster to hone your craft and get feedback from the community to grow as a writer.


There are a few different ways you’ll get rewarded for contributing to the Saibaverse, whether or not your lore or stories are selected. When you submit quality pieces, or contribute by sharing the manga, community Medium stories, and our project online, we reward you with either Sol or points that can be redeemed for mints in future drops.


There are many ways to add value to a project, and with NFTS, there are many ways to reward community members for the value you bring to the project. You are, after all, stakeholders and owners of the project when you own an NFT. That’s what will be so much fun. When we grow together, we win together, and we all get rewarded.



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