Why Do You Fail at Solving Your Life Problems

The key to solving life’s problems is to simplify them and take deliberate actions

Nour Boustani
Said Differently


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Problems, problems, problems. We have plenty of them, but how good are we at solving them? Most people struggle with solving their life problems because they overcomplicate them when they have to simplify them and make their solutions more specific and deliberate.

Throughout my work experience as a business consultant and sometimes a personal development coach, I found that most people take problem-solving as a dogfight — either kill now or die forever.

They either feel they have to solve it immediately without understanding the nature of the problem, or they consider it the sole purpose of ruining their entire existence. As a result, they keep pressing on and amplifying the problem until they burn everything, including themselves and all the possibilities of simple yet practical solutions.

Another reason people fail at solving their life problems is due to ignorance and overconfidence. According to my experience, many people believe that because they have had certain life experiences or have solved certain problems in a certain way, they can apply the same problem-solving trick to all future problems. However, the reality is it doesn’t work like that, so…