A Gateway to the Southern Ocean

At Saildrone, we believe it’s critical for us to understand and measure our oceans. Our unmanned surface vehicles are made to endure the harshest sea states and take on missions that go for months at a time. So far our missions have taken us all over US waters, from the highest reaches of the Arctic down to the equatorial Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico.
Today we are announcing an important development: sending our first fleet of saildrones into the Southern Ocean, in partnership with CSIRO, Australia’s pre-eminent national science organization.

CSIRO and Saildrone discuss the goals of the partnership

CSIRO’s Oceans and Atmospheres group will be using this new fleet to measure salinity, temperature, the atmosphere, and carbon flux to better understand weather systems in Australia’s waters. In the rough seas of the Southern Ocean, using our unmanned surface vehicles will enable CSIRO access to ocean data that’s currently scarce. This new dataset will be integrated into CSIRO models, and will help scientists understand weather systems, biomass, harmful algae blooms, and carbon seeps in real time.

We’re thrilled to partner with CSIRO’s experienced team of scientists and marine engineers to deliver a new set of data from the Southern Ocean.

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