How sailing feels like — a love letter

“How to make sailing even better?” I asked myself and swiftly chartered a boat to skipper it on my own and invited likeminded people to visit nice places as a sailing team — sharing happiness multiplies!

Uwe Allgäuer
Sep 23, 2018 · 4 min read

Besides coworking, I have another passion which I really love: Sailing! I am a skipper, I love the sea and sailing adventures. I have sailed across the Indian ocean together with a group of Digital Nomads and since then I look back to this life-changing event. Not only I have made friends for life on that trip, four and a half years ago, but also I opened a coworking space and transformed my life completely. Read more about that story here.

Sailing is an adventure in itself and it is rewarding and so much more! That is why I like to invite people to join my sailing adventures, shared adventures are much more fun! Have you thought of joining a sailing crew and sail around discover new places and get fresh impressions from a seaward angle? If you have doubts, please let me tell you, don’t you worry if in case you have no idea about sailing, or if you are already a salty sailor, even better, but it really does not matter, you are welcome, as long as you bring good spirit to our group of likeminded sailing nomads. I created Nomad Sailing Retreat to offer a special experience at sea and form teams of sailing groups, even you have never been on a sailboat before. After one week you’ll be able to set sails, understand the basics of sailing and maybe want to become a skipper yourself, or you just enjoy the atmosphere of like-minded people in an extream relaxing and joyful environment. Standup paddleboarding, dinghy races, or sailing in strong winds, there is plenty to do and fun activities never fall short. I love to explore the sea-side of our amazing planet and find out about all the hidden gems you can only discover from the sea.

On the sail in early 2018 in Croatia, I took a couple of friends sailing. In the first week, the boat was really packed and all three cabins have been fully occupied. Although space is finite, you’ll always find a place to hang out and relax either on the deck or in the comfy belly of the boat. As I always say, the boat comes empty and we need to fill it! What I mean by that is, that the atmosphere, the culinary supply and all other needs are looked after by the participants of the sailing adventure. It is very rewarding and it is lots of fun. Four people out of six have had only a little or no experience with sailing, and one sailing member was very concerned about getting the motion sickness when the boat is rocking and rolling. None of that was a matter during the entire trip, good skipper’s do have some tricks at hand to get either the motion under control and to get rid of nauseous feelings if they occur. “Sailing with Uwe is a one of a kind experience. Not only is he a fantastic skipper where safety and navigation are never in question, but he’s also a great person to shadow, ask questions and learn from if you’re interested in sailing. The atmosphere on the boat is great, with like-minded people pitching in to sail, relax and explore together. If you want a relaxed beach holiday where you sunbathe 24/7 and have your every need tended to by others, this isn’t for you. If you want a rewarding adventure on the water where you get out what you put in, learn from others, and also learn about yourself — you could do no better.”, said Nadir after our two-week sailing trip. We all felt sad that the two weeks past at such a fast pace.

Sailing puts everything else out of perspective. It is far from the land, the boat is constantly moving, even if only a little, the land life seems so remote, the entire environment you find yourself in is so different from all you are used to, even the sounds of the boat, the water, and the wind are very different. That makes all so new and fresh and it seems your other life is so distant that it became a distant memory. That makes sailing special to me and it is very relaxing, you are able to clear your mind because of all that! Sharing my passion with other people seem to enhance this feeling and it makes much more fun to me and it is even more rewarding when I see that you are able to hoist the sail and sail a 15-ton boat safely against the wind. The feeling and the smile when I see that you feel the rudder gliding through the water and the little changes of the pressure on the steering and when you get in resonance with the rhythm of the sea to steer the boat in a straight line.

If all that sounds good to you and if in case this has sparked an urge to join the next sailing crew, get in contact with me and check the Facebook page frequently. The next sailing trip will be announced at Nomad Sailing Retreat. A sailing retreat is already in planning for Spring in 2019. Feel free to add a comment or shoot me a private message if you have special requests or questions/suggestions.

With gratitude, Uwe

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