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Blue November

Updates on the Saints by Leonina Arismendi Zarkovic.

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We cannot contain our joy when the result’s of last night’s elections began rolling in. This election cycle in Virginia has been hot and newsworthy. WE TURNED VIRGINIA BLUE!

Not only Virginia Democrats took both House and Senate as Majority but a lot of the freshman legislators coming in this January are amazing, radical women and people of color. There is an air of hope amongst Richmond residents and beyond. We thank all of those whom ran fair races, their volunteers and of course YOU. Without the voters, none of this would be possible.

This November the Saints will stay busy working to lead more sanctuary churches in their discussions surrounding becoming Sanctuaries. November 12th The Saints will be traveling to DC with SANTOS en Virginia’s leadership and affected folks in the community to lobby and stand together for DACA (In 2017, the Trump administration announced the decision to phase out the DACA program and was met with several law suits, Oral arguments will begin on November 12th.)

On November 15th we are heading to Chicago as the Saints support me while I help represent in the Virginia state delegation for The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival Convening.

November is the perfect time to set yourself up for success in the new year!

We will come through with new exciting content and a small re-brand for the new year. Look out!

Now that elections are over let’s go back one step and analyze some un-saintly behavior we witnessed during the elections. I want to take a second to talk about former Representative Debra Rodman, who in a quest for white feminist power stabbed one of her biggest supporters a fellow Democrat in Henrico County, a Woman Of Color and immigration lawyer running for the State Senate seat for Distric 12 Veena Lothe. Debra won in the primaries against Veena with help from our Black Face Governor moneys and even more fucked up, some racists surveys that posed her as the better choice for the Democrats. After defeating Veena in the primaries she went on to fight for the Senate seat and lose. (R) Dunnavant a horrible person whom shouldn’t be allowed to legislate much less practice medicine, will keep her seat.

We need to talk about the white supremacy within the Democratic Party. We should have been talking about this, and to be fair, Organizers and Activists in Virginia, we do engage in this discourse. Even before Governor KKK Kostume and AG wearing Blackface time. There is no equality much less equity in Virginia and oftentimes, as we can plainly see now, it is the Democrats just as much as the Republicans that engage in harmful practices towards the most vulnerable. See, Debra could have stayed in her lane which was already powerful as House Representative, Debra should have given Veena the same level of support she received from Veeena herself, which won her the seat that she now lost due to greed and entitlement, Democrats could’ve had TWO seats, instead…

“Te quedaste sin el pan y sin la torta”

And on that note, of hated Democrats, I want to end by continuously expressing my outmost disdain and disgust that Joe Morrissey is even a thing, and that this thing, represents our District is a literal gaslight to every survivor living here. The fact that he was even considered a viable candidate tells you how much further Virginia needs to go to scorch out racists, mediocres and abusers from power.

Saint Solaris

Saint Solaris exists to build equity and make positive…

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