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Interviewing for VC Associates at Saison Capital

As Saison Capital started looking for Associates to join the team, we started writing some notes internally about the type of prospective candidates we were looking to hire, as well as the types of conversations we were looking to have, and decided to open up the process to let people get a glimpse into the black box of the VC interviewing process.

There are 5 main things we expect an Associate with Saison Capital to be involved in:

These are some of the common questions we tend to ask during an interview

Deal sourcing

Deal Analysis

Thesis Generation

Internal VC Operations


General tips

Who Saison Capital is looking for

What we offer


Top candidates so far have sent across research reports, multi-page investment analysis they developed on single target companies, tend to have been introduced via a mutual connection, clearly stated motivations and why they are a precise fit for what Saison Capital is doing (as opposed to another fund), and why they are specifically interested in working with the people in the Saison Capital team.

Common reasons to not progress candidates

General resources for anyone interviewing



Writings from the Saison Capital team

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Chia Jeng Yang

Principal @ Saison Capital | Consumer/fintech investing | Angel/Operator | work with smart people on projects: