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An Update for Salad Chefs on the Ethereum Merger

ETH merge

Greetings, Chefs!

It has now been a week since the Ethereum Merger, and we want to give you all an update on what we’re working on post-merge. As always, our mission is to be transparent with Chefs on what we have in the works to help combat the lower earning rates due to the market volatility caused by the merge.

The release of Salad 1.0 improved the Salad App’s visual experience for Chefs and brought new systems that allow the App to constantly adapt to ever-changing blockchain markets. Chefs who update to Salad 1.0 earn 30% more Salad Balance on average compared to earlier versions and can rest assured that they are always chopping the best workloads to maximize earnings.

The Salad 1.0 update has been critical over the last week by helping counter the increased market volatility the blockchain markets have been seeing due to the ETH Merger. Downloading Salad 1.0 will ensure that Chefs are Chopping the next big proof-of-work token when the market finally settles.

Over the last few months, we have been hard at work migrating from our dependence on blockchain. While chopping GPU and CPU-focused workloads has always been the primary source of earnings for Salad, it was always meant to serve as a proof of concept for Salad. The goal since the beginning is to add more workloads over time so that blockchain would be one of many different earnings streams Chefs would have access to.

The first of these new workloads, bandwidth sharing, was released shortly before the ETH Merger. We have begun testing in the U.S., Germany, and United Kingdom, with Chefs in Germany and the United Kingdom earning close to $1.00 per day when bandwidth sharing is enabled. We have plans to add more regions for testing over the next few weeks.

What’s Next on Our Plate?

High-Bandwidth workloads are not the only new workloads the team has been working on in the last few months. The Salad homepage recently saw a few changes talking about SCE (Salad Container Engine), which we are getting ever closer to testing. While we aren’t ready to give out exact details on how container workloads will work — some details might change before testing — we are very excited about getting these new workloads in the hands of our Chefs. These new workloads will help bring us one step closer to our ambition of being the first and largest decentralized orchestration engine.

Ambitious? Yes. Is it just the start? Absolutely. We plan on bringing new workloads online over the next year. Salad aims to become the number one way to pay with your PC, and a fully people-powered alternative to conventional cloud services.

Finally, we would like to thank all our magnificent Chefs for working with us during this time of market volatility as we roll out new projects to get earning rates back on track. To keep up with the latest updates and join in on the discussion, join our official Discord for the latest news and updates!



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