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Fresh Loot: Say Goodbye to Lag With ExitLag

You know it. We know it. The whole world knows it. Online multiplayer headaches like lag, ping, packet loss, and screen jitters make us tear our hair out. But what if there was a way you could game online without fear of one or more of these pains popping up unexpectedly?

That’s where ExitLag’s proprietary technology swoops in to deliver a headache-free gameplay experience, and as a Salad Chef, you’ve got a sweet discount on ExitLag subscriptions.

How ExitLag Sweeps Away Lag

ExitLag circumvents common issues that pop up during online gaming by using a process similar to a VPN. They employ over 800 servers worldwide to make this gamer-focused technology possible. The payoff? The chances of you losing connection are drastically reduced, and ExitLag even gives your PC a comfortable boost in FPS by making small adjustments to your operating system.

Here’s how it all comes together:

  1. Multipath Connection: Your connection packets are simultaneously run through different routes to ensure the packet’s delivery. If one becomes unstable, others will support you at a moment’s notice.
  2. Real-time Optimization: ExitLag searches for the optimal route in real-time to ensure you’re always playing on the smoothest one possible.
  3. Multi-Internet Connection: ExitLag will support dual Internet sources and ensure the one is always active for you in case one fails unexpectedly.

Free Trial And Salad Chef Discount

Starting today, Salad Chefs can invest in ExitLag subscriptions ranging from one to six months. But you might think, gee, I’m not sure about investing just yet, I want to see some results. Lucky for you, ExitLag provides a three-day free trial that can be accessed without supplying a credit card upfront. Sweet! Access the free trial by creating an account on ExitLag’s website.

Once you’ve completed your free trial, get a discount on the following ExitLag subscriptions from the Salad Storefront:

ExitLag Supported Games

ExitLag supports over 500 games from genres ranging from RTS to FPS and is constantly adding more to its portfolio. Competitive Salad Chefs will be delighted to know that ExitLag supports games like Valorant and CS:GO. Additional rewards for these particular games exist on the Salad Storefront.

Chefs can redeem Valorant gift cards, which can then be used to purchase Valorant Points in the Valorant in-game shop:

Salad and Xeno Gaming Servers’ partnership allows Salad Chefs to get discounted access to the best CS:GO practice server on the block, and tons of in-game perks too!

VIP Package — Monthly ($2.49 SB)

  • Ten million credits plus an additional eight million per minute when logged in
  • Ability to choose your custom chat name tag and color
  • Additional weapons, armor, and defuse kits
  • Access to Elite Founder Animated Scoreboard Tag
  • Access to VIP Exclusive Models on Xeno servers
  • Bonus RTV (Rock The Vote) Map Votes
  • Many more in-game privileges!

Reserved Slot — Permanent ($10.00 SB)

Note: This reward has limited stock. Get it on the Salad Storefront at a sweet discount!

  • Permanently reserves a spot in the Xeno server so you can play even when the queue is full.



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