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Indie Game Summer Sale Starts Today

Indie Game Summer Sale announcement

Pick up over 20 indies for less than a buck during the Salad Indie Summer Sale now through July 29th! Whether you want to flex your skills at real-time strategy, race friends at blazing fast speeds of 25mph, or just blow stuff up — there’s something for everyone.

Here’s a taste of some of this week’s affordable indies you should add to your library:

The Motherland needs your help, comrade! Will you restore the Perestroyka-era U.S.S.R to its former glory, or embrace this odd concept called “democracy?” Whatever you choose, be warned: the people will be watching your every move.

Harness the powers of a long-dead alien race called “The Endless” as one of twelve space faring races. Conquer the galaxy through diplomacy, trade, or war — before someone turns their hungry eyes on you.

Nothing cures boredom like slaying zombies to the tune of an original head-banging metal soundtrack. Beat the undead over the head with a shovel or blast brains with a plethora of upgradeable guns in this endless, wave-based shooter. Sheer, mindless fun.

Send your ragdolls flying across the map in this comedic multiplayer sandbox arena. Put floppy friends through the ringer with black holes, explosives, stunt courses, and an endless array of hyper-customizable objects!

You can mow a neat lawn, but can you challenge your across-the-street rival to a race? Show off your Dominic Toretto-style skills on everything from downtown sidewalks to frozen tundras in 26 unique tracks. It’s the quintessential test of a diehard dad.

Supply is limited, so don’t hesitate to snag one of this week’s handpicked indie favorites before they’re gone! Remember, this sale ends July 29th.

Mantle Minecraft Sale

Mantle Sale on the Salad Storefront

The Salad + Mantle sale is still live! Mine in fine fashion with 50% off Mantle Capes and Gems gift cards now through July 31st.



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