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Minecraft Rewards Now on Salad!

We’ve hit the motherlode! Chefs can now use Salad Balance on a treasure trove of Minecraft rewards at the Salad Storefront.

Now you can use Salad Balance for VIP treatment in your favorite Minecraft servers, or weigh down your purse with a bit of plunder:

  • Hypixel 1,000 Gold ($10.00)
  • Hypixel VIP Rank [Lifetime] ($7.99)
  • Hypixel VIP+ Rank [Lifetime] ($15.99)
  • Hypixel MVP Rank [Lifetime] ($29.99)
  • Hypixel MVP+ Rank [Lifetime] ($45.99)
  • Hypixel MVP++ Rank [Month] ($8.99)
  • Skyblock Gift Cards ($5.00-$10.00)

Mine in high fashion with an assortment of finery and gear. Take your pick of all these precious gems:

  • Optifine Standard Cape ($11.99)
  • Badlion Cloaks ($12.49-$14.99)
  • Badlion Swords ($14.99)
  • Badlion Bows ($14.99)
  • Badlion Wings ($18.49–$20.99)

Nothing beats a trusty companion at your heels when you’re facing an intrusive mob. Enlist the aid of an animal friend from Hypixel:

  • Shibe, Frog, Panda, Duck, White Pug, Magic Dog, HP-8 ($4.99)
  • Chimp, Gorilla, Sloth ($7.99)

All that, and we’re just getting started. Keep an eye out for more Minecraft rewards to come!

How to Redeem

To dig into these fresh Chops, simply fill in your Minecraft username when you redeem through Salad. This will help us make sure your new gear doesn’t get lost in the Nether. We’ll confirm by email once we’ve received your order.

Please note that items may take up to a few hours to reach your Minecraft account. We’ll email again as soon as everything has been sent your way!

Don’t miss your chance to score free Minecraft items by Chopping with Salad. Download the app today.



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