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PureVPN subscriptions Are Now on the Salad Storefront

Our friends at PureVPN are giving Chefs an ultra-rare opportunity to save on short- and long-term subscriptions on the Salad Storefront:

What VPNs Offer You

A VPN (virtual private network) encrypts your network activity so no one can tell who or where you are when browsing. Encrypting your data through a VPN will then unlock several different features that could be useful to you such as:

  • Streaming geo-locked content from another country
  • Surfing the web anonymously
  • Accessing public Wi-Fi hotspots safely
  • Avoiding DDoS attacks

More services are available through a VPN depending on your personal or business needs but they all have the same goal: maintaining your privacy online.

Why It’s Worth Investing in a VPN

Not everyone likes the idea of data-driven, curated search results popping up whenever they’re browsing the web. These results may indicate your search habits are being monitored by anyone from web retailers to government organizations. In some cases, open Wi-Fi connections can harbor cybercriminals waiting to steal sensitive payment information.

This concoction of internet activity raises ethical questions about your data and how it’s being used. These questions are difficult to answer on your own, but Salad is passionate about empowering Chefs to make the best decisions possible for their hardware. Our partnership with PureVPN is another big opportunity for Chefs to take command of their online presence.

Planning an international trip or just want to anonymize your data today? Update to Salad 1.0 so you can reach the subscription level that fits your needs.



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