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SaladCast Episode 11: Jared Carpenter on Salad’s Go-to-Market Strategy

Watch the full interview with Jared Carpenter on YouTube.

Episode Highlights

How did you come to work at Salad?

I’ve heard you say in the past it was Salad’s logo that gave you the sense we were legit.

You just touched on a common misconception. Around 2017, a lot of people believed that crypto was a virus, or somehow dodgy — not to mention the sentiment among gamers that GPU mining could damage their computers. (Editor’s note: clean yer fans, ya casuals) Along comes this company with a completely new value proposition: share your computer for rewards.

How did you convince users to give it a go with Salad’s alpha?

In a post-truth world, those rumors are taken as true. How did you confront that?

What was your strategy for engaging those users?

You’re talking two to three hours of one-on-one education. That was impactful in generating our first few hundred users. How did that become a scalable model?

That speaks to the power of social proof!

If phase one was person-to-person education, and phase two was community interaction, what’s phase three of Salad’s acquisition strategy?

How did that come about?

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