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Season 1: Unlock All-New XP Bonuses

Everyone knows the most decadent dishes take time to prepare. In Salad Season 1, we’ve introduced the long-awaited XP Level Bonus to the Kitchen. Chefs can now earn additional, XP-based Bonuses just by Chopping! You can officially begin racking up Season XP later today at 12:00 PM (MST).

Here’s the skinny on everything to look out for in Salad Season 1.

Season Levels

Season 1 makes XP a potent ingredient! Every time you reach a new XP Level, you’ll be able to claim another unlockable Bonus. Chop to score Salad Balance earnings boosts, games, and a seasonal menu of never-before-seen profile avatars.

The best part? You don’t need spiffy hardware to play. As always, you’ll earn 1 XP per minute of validated uptime on Salad. The more you Chop, the faster you’ll reach the next Level — no matter what hardware you’re cookin’ with.


Head to the Bonuses page to instantly claim any Bonuses you’ve unlocked. These delicacies are sure to appease, and they only get juicier at higher Levels.

You’ll have until September 3rd to take on this Season’s levels, so get Chopping! When next Season starts, there will be a whole new assortment of Levels, Bonuses, and other challenges.

Profile Avatars

In Season 1, we’ve refreshed familiar ingredients from the Pantry as wearable avatars. All your favorite Veggies will be unlocked from the start, but there’s bound to be a few gilded goodies awaiting those who Chop to the top.

Next season, we’ll introduce a new harvest of profile avatars and bid adieu to the golden Veggies forever. Be sure to Chop all the Veggies while they’re fresh!

From here on out, any XP earned will bring you that much closer to the next Level and its unlockable Bonus. Track your Season XP progress from the Current Season page.

And don’t worry, we’re not resetting Lifetime XP! Season XP will be counted from the start of the Season and add to your total Lifetime XP viewable on the Earnings page.



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