SaleChain 2.0.0 | SCH token burning

Oct 13 · 3 min read
  • As you know, in the last 17 months, SaleChain has automatically distributed more than 51 million TRX (+ $5,000,000) commissions among its sales partners using its smart contracts, and this has caused many credible people and monitors, introduce SaleChain as one of the most credible and honest projects. Due to the great potentials in the core team and SaleChain sales team, during the last 4 months, several meetings were held with different groups of users and consultants so that we can multiply the power and speed of SaleChain and use the great potential of this platform.
  • During these meetings, the main weaknesses of SaleChain 1.0.0 were identified. One of the most important of them was the high total supply of tokens and high sales targets. In SaleChain 2.0.0, the total supply of SCH tokens will reach 21 million with a special mechanism through token burning in different stages. This is a great opportunity for people who have purchased SCH tokens. Also, with the decrease in the total supply of tokens, the exchange listing and the increase in price will be more available.
  • Our main focus in SaleChina 2.0.0 is GameFi. A project that with the efforts of a team will be one of the best NFTs and millions of users will earn money along with games and entertainment. With the help of each other, we will bring SCH to the top 100 currencies in the CoinMarketcap and we will enjoy working together as a team.
  • In the current step, the chain of people in the SaleChain 1.0.0 has 10 days to transfer their account to the SaleChain version 2, and for each user who transfers their account, 54,445 tokens will be burned. If all users transfer their accounts to SaleChain 2.0.0, 98% of the tokens will be burned, which significantly increases the demand for SCH and makes them more valuable.

What should I do now?!

  • At this stage, users who had an account in version one should transfer their account to version 2 of SaleChain and prove their account is active in this way. By each account transferring, 54,445 SCH tokens will be burned. All you have to do is log in to the website right now and click on the “Transfer my account” button, and after confirmation, you will see the burning of 1 million SCH and transfer your account to version 2. Note that this is only possible for users who were in version one.
  • Pass this news to your other teammates because if anyone does not transfer their account to version 2.0.0 in the specified time, that person will be removed from your chain. We hope to see at least 51% participation in this declaration of readiness so that we can implement the set programs well.
  • With your support and the creativity and experience of the team, we have always been able to prove that we can, and now want to repeat history and introduce SaleChain to the whole world with new and creative products.


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