United or Divided? Local Citizens Share Their Thoughts

Although they have been festering and expanding over time, the divisions that have been observed throughout this country have been gaining momentum and becoming substantially worse. The most recent presidential election was the straw that broke the camel’s back for most people and the remainder of the country has been experiencing the backlash ever since.

Salem State Reports wanted to know what people in the local community had to say about the situation.

Photo by: Britney Jackson April 1, 2017.

Karen Symanowicz, UMass Boston
I think it’s good that people are voicing their opinions, however, opinions end up stirring a lot of emotion and Ithink some of the emotion needs to be under control so the proper action can be taken.”

Photo by: Britney Jackson March 31, 2017.

Mayuresh Kelkar
Assistant Professor, Marketing
Salem State University
“I don’t agree that the country is divided. It appears to be divided because of the mass media but there is a lot of agreement on what is important, which is having employment, getting fair treatment and the stories that are being publicized they are the minority stories.”

Photo by: Britney Jackson March 31, 2017

Caroline McBride
Communications major, junior
Salem State University
“I feel like it won’t be solvable for while. Especially with this presidential campaign.”

Photo by: Britney Jackson April 1, 2017

Mark Mazareas 
Boston, Mass.
“It’s going to take more than words to repair the damage that has been done to our nation. People are either angry or hopeful. Many promises were spoken, and I’ll hate to see the reaction when those promises aren’t kept.”

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