What Do We Owe Our Veterans?

When people think of America, they think of freedom. It is the epitome and blueprint of this nation. The Bill of Rights offers all Americans life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The American symbol is the Bald Eagle, a representation of freedom and strength. How did America get to become the force it is known as? Simply by the people who were willing to fight to defend and make way for the vision the Founding Fathers had.

What do some other people think?

Elizabeth Ortolani, 18
Home-schooled student taking electives at Salem State University
“We owe our veterans respect for the work they have done for us. We also owe them assistance to assimilate back into civilian life.”

Anthony Clark, 71

“Being a Vietnam Veteran, I believe that we, as U.S. citizens, owe our Veterans principally our Lives, thereafter, our freedom, dignity, and honor.”

Curtis Shotliff, 28

“We owe them nothing. It is the greatest privilege and honor for me to have served this nation. Those towers coming down, in a city I never plan on going to, were filled with my fellow Americans. I owe their memory a great deal, their memory helped shape me into the man I am.”

Cindy Brennan, 66

“We owe our veterans honor, respect and gratitude. We owe them access to the very best health care. They deserve all the help they may need re-entering society, be it psychological, physical or professional.”

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