10 Ways To Use A SINGLE Webinar To Build Your Business

Webinars are about so much more than just pitching. In fact, I like to think of them as the “Swiss Army Knife” of content creation.

If you think webinars are only for selling, you’re putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

Most people fall far short of wringing every last drop of goodness out of their webinars (and as a result, they cheat themselves, their family, and their income out of all the great payoffs they could get).

So, if you want to know how to get MAXIMUM value out of every webinar, Zoom, and online event you do, here are 10 webinar value creation tips for you:

Webinar Value Tip # 1 — Use As A Pitch For A Product (Your Own Or As An Affiliate)

Pitching a product at the end is what many people think of FIRST when they think of a webinar. You can use this webinar content as an invitation to pitch a product at the end (while still giving amazing value on the front end of the webinar).

Webinar Value Tip # 2 — Use To Create Content You Can Sell

I have done this with my membership sites for the last 15 years. Just because you pitch at the end of a webinar, or offer additional information, doesn’t mean the content you give on the front end is no good. You can leave the pitch in (or chop it off) and throw it into a membership site as a content asset. I do this all the time!

Webinar Value Tip # 3 — Transcribe And Turn Into A Book Or Ebook

I’ve used this strategy for many of my dozens of Amazon best sellers. Just do a webinar to a live audience and then take the content, have it transcribed, and turn it into a book, ebook, or Kindle book.

Again, just because you pitched at the end doesn’t mean you can’t use the content in other places. Heck, the pitch can turn into an ad at the back of the book!

Webinar Value Tip # 4 — Take Snippets And Turn Into YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great source of traffic. Virtually every webinar has multiple parts you can chop up and post as individual YouTube videos.

MILLION DOLLAR THOUGHT: One cool strategy is to use those YouTube videos to point people to an Evergreen replay of the webinar where they can watch the whole presentation.

Webinar Value Tip # 5 — Take Chunks From The Transcript And Turn Into Articles Or Blog Posts

Just like chopping up the video for individual YouTube videos, you can chop up the transcript into individual articles and blog posts. This is a great way to not only get potential search engine traffic, but also to keep your audience entertained over a number of days using content you created on the original webinar.

Webinar Value Tip # 6 — Turn Into An “Evergreen” Event

This is not an income claim, but I have generated almost $20 million in sales from an Evergreen webinar for my Funnel Scripts software. The right webinar put on autopilot can literally change your life forever!

Webinar Value Tip # 7 — Use As A BONUS For An Affiliate Promotion / Contest

Webinar content makes an awesome bonus when you’re promoting somebody else’s product as an affiliate. If the content on your webinar is good, whether you pitch at the end or not, you can use it as a bribe to get people to buy through you… especially if the content from the webinar is related to the product or service you’re promoting.

SIDE NOTE: I’ve used this strategy to be the number one affiliate for a number of different affiliate contests.

Webinar Value Tip # 8 — Use As A Lead Magnet To Build Your List

Webinars are by far and away the number one tool I’ve used over the years to build up my e-mail lists. People don’t mind signing up for a webinar because they realize, in order to get on the webinar, they have to register! So, the resistance to giving a good email address is very low (and people love to sign up for webinars).

Webinar Value Tip # 9 — Use As An Upsell / One Time Offer / Order Bump In Your Sales Funnel For Another Product Or Book

Once you have created that content asset with your webinar, you can even sell the content! I have created webinars in the past to gently promote a product, but the real reason I did them was to create content I could put into a sales funnel and make money over the long term by literally selling access to the webinar replay.

Webinar Value Tip # 10 — Use Questions From The Webinar To Create Q&A Content

Whenever you do a live webinar people will ask questions. Depending on the topic and the size of your audience, you can potentially get a lot of questions that can turn into additional content. This type of Q&A content is extremely valuable and targeted because it comes directly from your webinar audience!

Bottom line: Stop looking at your webinars as one-time events! View every single webinar, webclass, or Zoom as assets you are building to generate traffic, leads, and revenue over the long haul.

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