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Are Ebooks Real Books?

I’ve been selling my ebooks since 1997. And back then, one of the biggest hurdles you had to get over was explaining to people the concept of an ebook.

They got hung up on the fact that you were not going to send them a physical book in the mail. It seemed like you spent half your sales letter explaining to people that, “Hey, you’re actually going to download a file and read it on your computer.”

Over the years, the overall perception about ebooks has changed. In the beginning, the author and publishing community looked at ebooks like the funny little cousin who showed up at Thanksgiving. You know he’s technically a member of the family, but he’s kinda weird so don’t get too close to him. He’ll probably leave soon.

And then Amazon got invited to the Thanksgiving party.

Amazon said, “We can get rich by just sending people electronic files on this thing called the Kindle.”

The advent of the Kindle is when the transition happened. Everyday folks like my mom looked at an ebook on Kindle as just another way to get the same book. In fact, it was cooler because ebooks gave immediate gratification. That was when ebooks and books basically became equals.

Now it’s really just a personal preference. Do you want to have that book in electronic format, physical format, or both? In the minds of consumers, the only difference between a book and an ebook (or even an audio book) is simply whether it’s printed on a page or if it’s displayed on an electronic device.

And that’s important for us as authors, especially as “entrepreneurial authors,” because now there is no difference between books and ebooks. So, if you only ever publish your book as an ebook, you are still just as much of an author as somebody who only ever published their book on paper.

However, if you publish your book as an ebook, you should think strongly about creating a physical print version of it as well. Some people want the print version, some people want the ebook version — some people want both.

Also, your ebook absolutely gives you credibility. But with some people, having it in physical format will give you more credibility. Why? Because they’re still wedded to the idea that a book in physical form is a “real” book.

The great news for you as an author is that there are services where you can publish your book in physical format and you don’t have to order 1000s and 1000s of books. Let me repeat: You don’t have to load up your garage with cases of books! You can literally have as many or as few copies of your book in physical print as you want (at very reasonable prices).

So here’s the bottom line: there is no difference now between an ebook and a print book. If you’ve got a book published as an ebook, you’re a real author too!

All that matters is the fact that it’s your book with your content, you’ve published it, and it’s available in as many or as few formats as you want.

By the way, if you haven’t written your own book yet, it doesn’t take weeks or months or years to do it. I can show you nine different ways to create your book in less than a week. In fact, I can show you some ways where you can create the content for your book in less than 90 minutes.

If that sounds good, head on over to https://7dayebook.com. I’ve just released Version 3.0 of my perennial bestseller, “The Seven Day Ebook”. Pick up your copy today and this time next week you can brag to your friends and customers that you’re a published author!



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