How Do You Reactivate A List That Isn’t Paying Attention To You Anymore?

I’ve got an interesting analogy to help you understand HOW to do this!

Let’s say that we’re on the beach. I drop a $100 bill. I come back tomorrow and drop another $100 bill. And I keep doing that several days in a row!

Three things will happen!

#1 People will start to notice! Soon people would start paying attention to the fact that $100 bills keep appearing on the beach. They’d get really curious about it!

#2 People will notice my timing! The second thing that would happen would be that people will start paying attention to the time of the day I dropped the $100 bills. They would start showing up every day at the same time, hoping to be the one who picks up the bill!

#3 People will start talking! The third thing that would happen is that they will start telling their friends.

“Hey! Someone is dropping $100 bills every day on the beach!”

So, what does this have to do with reactivating a cold list?

If you reach out to that list you haven’t been paying attention to for a while and start dropping value every day, in a short while you’ll start to get their attention.

At least some people will say to themselves: “Hey! Wow! This is pretty valuable!”

There will be other people thinking: “You know what? I’m going to unsubscribe because I don’t care about this stuff anymore.”

Yet other people will say: “You know what? I’m not super interested in this, but I know somebody else who is, so I’m going to forward it to them to see if they want it.”

No matter what their reaction is, your list will improve! You’ll hold onto the people who still care about what you have to offer.

But you need to start dropping value on them regularly!


If you want to reactivate a list that you haven’t been communicating with for a while, just start dropping some valuable information on them regularly. I guarantee you’ll get rid of the dead weight and start building your fan base again!

They’ll start paying attention.

A word of caution: If you just do it once, nothing’s going to happen.

Being consistent is key to reactivating a cold list!

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