The Five I’s of Million-Dollar Content

The Five I’s of Million-Dollar Content -YES — Million-Dollar Content, not just content. Check this out!

1. Involve

Get people involved with your content. They need to care about what’s going on. Hooks pull people into your content. Hooks are the titles of your articles or the first words that come out of your mouth on your videos and they rate as, if not more, important than the content itself.

2. Influence

Influence means people pay attention to you. When you have people’s attention, you can influence their behavior and what they do and think.

3. Interact

Interaction is the crux of it all. People are craving connection, and you must interact with them through your social media and emails. You connect with others through a dialogue rather than one-way interaction. If you are only talking at them, like a radio, you are not interacting with them.

4. Impact

Impact means you’re helping people get a result. You’re helping people win at whatever game they want to play. You are helping people by educating, empowering, and entertaining them. If you are impacting their lives, that means you’re helping them get a result.

5. Invite

If it is “million-dollar content,” you must make an offer that invites people to the next step. It’s like inviting people to a cool party and making their dreams come true. This last step in the process is where many people screw up because they give the content away without an invitation for more. You’ve got to invite them to the next logical step.

If you want to win the game of content — million-dollar content — you do it by involving, influencing, interacting, impacting, and inviting your ideal customers to the next step.

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