How to Motivate Your Sales Team

Implement performance-based incentives.

  • Performance based incentive work. They help to motivate individuals; especially sales professionals. There is a theory that they only work for the short term, however this is not always the case. Understand that academics that consistently publish ‘incentives are a fleeting motivator’ typically have tenure…you connect the dots. Performance based incentives don’t work for people who are just looking to coast; they are highly effective for people who are hungry and already highly motivated. People who are hungry for sales actually loose their minga when their hunger is not rewarded.

Provide regular and useful sales meetings.

  • The keyword here is USEFUL. Sales meetings intended to micromanage and justify your position are useless. Having meetings where people collaborate with enthusiasm, share progress and ideas are highly useful and can serve as a reminder and reenergizer to a tired sales team.

Be a leader, a coach and a cheerleader for your sales team.

  • Sales teams want a positive leader, who will motivate and provide positive reinforcement. If the team leader does nothing but criticize, micromanage and belittle then the salesperson is sure to loose their motivation fairly quickly.

Provide opportunities for professional development.

  • This allows your sales team to learn about the latest techniques and network with other like-minded professionals. It can serve as a catalyst for real inspiration when you connect with people who inspire and energize you!

About the Author

Ali is an accomplished Sales Master and Trainer! Starting his career in sales at the tender age of 18, Ali quickly realized that he would have to become better because being terrible at selling was not fun. Since then, Ali has personally closed almost $100 Million in sales for many companies from small local establishments to large multi-national organizations. Since 2012, Ali has taken his passion for closing deals to teaching others how to close deals. Ali firmly believes, there is no such thing as a born salesman; the only things born are baby boys and baby girls! Salespeople are taught. Ali currently lives in Atlanta and travels the country helping companies increase their sales; you can keep up with him at his day job.